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amazing photographer
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

keeping busy

Over a week since my last post........hmm, guess we have been running pretty non-stop since school was officially over at Alexander Academy!

For Memorial Day weekend we headed to Moody's parents ranch for the annual Alexander Family Reunion. Always crazy and always fun. My kids love this weekend as it is non-stop action with MANY same age farm cousins (as we affectionately call one another!) Moody grew up as one of 9 cousins all born within 6 years of each other (two more came later). There are now close to 30 farm cousins. Crazy good times, canoe rides, baseball games, basketball games, swimming, fishing, hiking, smores.......Eyasu certainly enjoyed his first of many!

Yesterday was this guys birthday! He just gets better looking to me as he ages!

Friday we will celebrate 16 years of wedded bliss! I am one blessed woman. I am so grateful the Lord allowed me to be his helpmate and bride. Doing life with him is such an honor. I can honestly say that our lives are SO very different than I envisioned on that day, but so much richer, so much better. I love him more than I ever thought possible....
I am leaving all of these people in a week as I head to Ethiopia for 9 days. Oh how I will miss each of them. Specific prayer requests to come. :)

My first baby is turning 14 while I am gone, how in the world did that happen?? Hill you are a great big brother, kind, funny. I love you buddy.

We are playing alot of this..

and doing this...
Happy Summer!!

p.s- we are having some insurance issues with Abe's therapy, equipment, etc. Would you please pray that it will resolve quickly? Little buddy is currently on a "summer break" from therapy because of it. Really frustrating, but I know that He is bigger than all of it.


Kim said...

What fun the family farm reunion sounds like!
Happy Bday Moody!
Happy Anniversary!
And you can count on my prayers for Abe's insurance issues and your travel mercies!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,
P.S. Tell us more about your ET trip?

Bunty said...

Dear Sweet Family,
How you are such a living example of God's Amazing Grace! I am so proud of your obedience in seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. Happy Birthday Moody and Happy Anniversary to you both. Actually, in my opinion, you look younger now than 16 years ago. Of course, mom keeps telling me I need to have my eyes checked. But I can see like a hawk from 100 yards.
It seems like yesterday you called us into the delivery room and told us of your oldest child's name. It is a good name. To God be the Glory.
Love to you all,

We Are Family said...

I love when you give us these 'update' posts. Happy B-day to your man and anniversary to the both of you. Your family is gorgeous. Prayers for you!

missy said...

happy bday to your hubby. happy anniversary to you both. happy summer to you all. happy trails on your trip back to ET. i love how you stay so connected to that country. i know it will be hard to leave your family (with your son's bday to boot!), but i know god will bless you all, and many others, through it.
and in other news, we are officially bff's forever because i swear WE HAD THE EXACT SAME WEDDING DRESS!!!!!!!

Bill said...

Oh my! So many milestones in such a few weeks. Know the reunion is always fun. And, Moody! We are so grateful for your life.

Looking forward to some concentrated time with the "fam" while you're away.
We'll help Hill celebrate his big day. What a gift to have been there when he entered this world.

Your marriage and your family speak God's grace to me!

God redesigns our lives in accord with His Kingdom purposes, doesn't He? Know you'll have an awesome trip and be deeply blessed in going.

God be merciful in all things!



Lyndsay said...

Happy Anniversary! We will be celebrating our 17th on Friday as well. Please give more details of your upcoming trip. :)

Kate and Jeff said...

Praying for Abe's insurance snafu to be resolved. Like others, would love to hear more about your trip to ET!

Kristi J said...

oh, too the OLD pics too..yall are still young pups :) hope you have a great jealous, kj

Kristin said...

I do love looking back and seeing God's hand along the journey....especially in your life! I have loved watching a good bit of it and how his handiwork has woven into all of it! Who would have known I would be given the BLESSING of being your big, flying from Claire's wedding to yours on the same day, visiting ya'll at the hospital the day Hill was born (where have all those years gone!), to watching you become a mother of five and then six. You and Moody's life together is RADIANT and displays the gospel so beautifully. Love you dearly!!

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

What a beautiful family! I am so excited that you are going back to Ethiopia!!! I will be traveling soon too - we just got our (tentative) travel dates and we leave on JUNE 25th!!! I can't wait to experience Ethiopia. Too bad our paths will not cross while we are in country... Have a wonderful trip!

Stutzman's Eight By Grace said...

Hi, I was trying to e-mail your Abe Day video-which I totally love to my home email so that my husband can watch it-but when I click the e-mail sign nothing happens....
We are #6 on the baby girl list for Ethiopia and I got your blog page from Kristi Johnson's blog-LOVE THE VIDEO!!

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