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amazing photographer
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Sunday, October 11, 2009


This crew
will be here for the next 48 hours
to play and see them!
We are so excited. We are praying the next time I post it will show you the cutest little face in all of Ethiopia!


da momma said...

praying for good news on Monday! I cant imagine anything else! God smiles on you guys! Have a fun weekend!!

Holli said...

Have a great time! (I am sure you will) can't wait to meet/see another sweet Alexander boy!!! Praying!

The Albertsons said...

you. will. LOVE. it.
them. Bono. loooooove him. :)
hoping for a great (picture) post soon!!!

The B Family said...

You will not be disappointed. We saw them Friday night and the show was awesome! Bono and a whole stadium full of people singing Amazing Grace. . . you will get goosebumps. The set is jaw-dropping. You will all have a GREAT time! Praying for great news tomorrow so you'll have even more reason to celebrate!

Olivia said...

Ya'll have a great time! Ran into a friend last night from Nashville who was in town for the concert, too. He had an incredible story, remind me to tell you.
Praying for tomorrow.

Kim said...

How fun!
Praying for Monday!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Kari said...

Ohhhh so fun... hope you had a blast!!! My sis in law went to see U2 too!! I pray we see the cutest face in bright lights soon!!!!
We love you & praying

Kristin said...

Praying for Court's to bring your case forward TODAY! Have a blast tonight!! Love that you get to enjoy U2 with friends God brought together through Abe.....hoping they are there to experience news about seems only fitting.

Love you!

Jen said...

praying that this is your week.

Sydney said...

Woohoo! We will be there tonight too!
Still praying and excited for good news for your crew-

nancy said...

so Jealous!! I saw them years ago (in college) and have been on a quest to see them again before i die...

Anonymous said...

Praying and believing!!!

Kari said...

Hey bloggy chick, can you please head over and make your recommendation..I think you might have 2? We are holding our breath waiting for your news!!
love ya

Sarah and Davis said...

Can't wait to see pics!

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