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amazing photographer
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Friday, October 30, 2009

hot date

Moody and I had one hot date last night! It included our sweet baby Abe and a nursing home, but with many kids, you take what you can get! :)

Abe has qualified for a program that will allow us to have some respite care and support paying for therapies, equipment, etc. It is a HUGE blessing. We have paid out of pocket for everything so far-- gotta love insurance. :)

The interesting thing about qualifying for this program is that you need to stay in a nursing home for 30 days, though it can be reduced to 24 hours if your Dr. writes a reason for a shorter stay. So Moody, Abey and I drove to Granbury yesterday afternoon, hunkered down in our room and were discharged at 12:05 am. Technically we admitted one day and were discharged the next! We were happy to jump through whatever hoops we needed to in order to qualify for this program. It will be a big relief to us! We are so grateful to the Lord for His provision. :)

Really lovely-- had difficult time with iphone self-portrait. Abe was loving this date.
All 3 of us cozy on our very small bed!

UPDATE ON RACE-- $720 have been raised for Rainey's race on Sunday. AMAZING!!! That is $55. 38 per mile!! Oh, AND WE LEAVE IN 9 DAYS- YAHOO!!!!


Kari said...

I love this!!! Your pics made me smile today. All the things we do for love. You guys are amazing:)
We're counting down the days until you leave. We'll be stalking your journey!!

missy said...

it's not the ritz-carlton, but glad you made the most of your getaway! also so glad that you can have help for abe that is not out of pocket. and so happy that you leave in 9 days to bring home your sweet boy!!!

da momma said...

funny!!! cant wait for your special trip!!

Holli said...

Will be praying for more!
Can't wait to hear about your trip to your son!!!

Erica said...

A date is a date! At least thats how it is around here. :) Glad you are able to get some respite for sweet baby Abe! SO HAPPY for you!!!!

jenny said...

Oh this made me laugh! Glad it will be worth it for some extra care for Abe. Praying for all your travel prep in the next few days!

Jenny C.

Bethany said...

This is fantastic..yet hillarious! How wonderful to have found this program. Praying it works well! This Hot date is going to be a tough one to top!

Lori S said...

Not happy about the insurance thing, but glad you had a good time!! Now everybody is going to want to have a date in a nursing home! lol
BTW...Abe is such a beautiful boy!!

Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia said...

Just love your blog and your story. I hope you don't mind that I've linked to your blog on ours. God is doing some amazing things through adoption blogs and yours is a great testimony!!
Becky B

Lori said...


That's all I got! <3 Love you guys!

Kim said...

Praising God for His Provision. And love the proof that He does have a sense of humor (an overnight with Abe in a nursing home of all things)!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

shanna said...

This is funny, but what a blessing! Do I need to come home and talk to Gloria! :) Big hugs!!

Kristi J said...

hilarious...Now see...that's something crazy i would post about...what a great vacation :) kristi

Kristin said...

Goodness Emily, it has been so long. I had been sidetracked by 6 kids (just you wait!!!) and had stopped reading blogs or even blogging for far too long. Now I am back. Am catching up on your news and was so thrilled to see your video of sweet Eyasu! Was extra thrilled to see Dereje in it! Please give him my love when you see him next week. I will be there in late January and cannot wait to see he and his family. My prayers are with you for a very safe trip! Blessings to all of you, God is sooo good!
Love, Kristin and clan

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