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amazing photographer
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Friday, October 9, 2009


I love fall! Yesterday Lauren took the kids to get pumpkins to carve. They had a great time and I love having their artwork on the front porch.

love Wick's happy face
Avery bedazzled hers

Issy's smiling pumpkin
Our dear Hill wanted to write Hill the Awesome until he realized how much effort actually goes into carving these things! Pretty sure he is joking, but he is a teen. :)

Happy Fall

Praying for good news next week! I can't wait to share his precious face with you.


These Three Kings said...

Hey! praying for you this weekend!! enjoy your weekend! Remember to be still and KNOW HE IS GOD!

Aaron & Whitney Pratt (A&W) said...

so much family fun!!! your family is just precious, and I love their creativity! (we have the same door mat)

Tanya said...

praying with you!

calliemorgan said...

LOVE that Ave bedazzled her pumpkin, thats my girl!

I'm coming home next weekend (16th and 17th). Will y'all be around?!


Tracy said...

We can't wait to see his precious face!

Jen said...

praying...and the porch is really cute :)

Natalie Fournet said...

Praying for you...

Candy said...

Great pumpkins! I have to say I don't remember yours, Trey's and Kelley's being quite the same. We had fun, just don't think they were so much the jack-o-lantern!!


Julie said...

Happy fall to you! Looking forward to your good news.

Heidi K. said...

great looking jack-o-lanterns! Hoping you can share your son's picture next week! :)

Kari said...

Happy Fall bloggy queen:) You rock sister!! Love seeing your front door, the pumpkins, the kids & Lauren!! Give her a big hug from us... the carvings are like professional. WOW! I have to dec. my front door this weekend.. I'm behind. Love ya lots

missy said...

love your front porch. praying about next week with you.

Kim said...

Great photos! Having seen any pumpkins for sale in Hong Kong?!
Praying with you for next week.
Cannot wait to see the sweet face of the newest Alexander!
Love & Blessings,

Nikki said...

Looks fun... I am hoping you get good news too!


Kristi J said...

i heart pumpkin carving fun!! and we have the same door and I can't wait to see you post your new baby boy's face..he's just too adorable, kj

Rhonda said...

Hey Emily!

Love y'alls pumpkins! Tell Avery we may have to copy hers'! ;) Hope you have a great week!


Olivia said...

Please tell me you saved the seeds!

Sydney said...

I was looking at this earlier and Ryley and Lucy were in the room with me and they both yelled out which one they liked.
Ryley liked Avery's and Lucy liked Issy's.
Jack wasn't around, but I am sure he would have voted for Wick's or Hill's. And maybe Milly would have voted for whichever one Abe carved?? :)

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