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amazing photographer
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Guess who thought about their costume before 5:45 pm today??? Sweet Avery and her bff, Abbi, have been planning to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat for months- the rest of us, not so much. I ran Issy and Hill to the Halloween superstore at 5:45- after soccer and football games. Good times. If you haven't been to Halloween Mart on the actual day of Halloween, you have missed nothing, let me assure you. Slim pickings.
(How I love this child and at 10 she is far more organized than I will ever be!!!)

Hill found some bling for he and Wick and Issy, found nada. She ended up with a shirt that said "ISA" and carried a bell. Isabelle. :) Did you read we didn't start until 45 minutes before our party? I still didn't have anything for Abe, but thankfully Marylynn pulled through for me with a darling bear costume. He looked precious don't you think?

We kept saying, "2 weeks from today, we will be home with Eyasu!!!!" Wow.

Hope you all had a fun night!

Rainey is ready to go first thing tomorrow morning! I know she will do awesome.



Abe looks cute! I am praying for your trip...glad your day has finally arrived!

God and Ponytails said...

Emily, we spoke on the phone a while back. We are praying through adopting a three year old from Rwanda and I can't tell you how encouraging your journey has been for me. Especially seeing the video of your new son! It just helps me to picture you know? The first video of your family getting Abe was wha pushed me over the edge to begin to dream. I am so happy for you guys! Please take lots of pictures and video- you have no idea what is happening in all of us as we watch and follow- God stuff.

missy said...

love thing 1 and thing 2. my daughter and her best friend wanted to match and i wish i would have thought of that. but now i will next year! thanks, avery! love that another family throws together halloween costumes at the last minute too. how great that you will be home with eyasu in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

We were scrambling with costumes, too! Ya'll did a great job! Hope you pulled in lots of treats!

Kari said...

Ohhhh soooo adorable!! Abe & Zoie would have been quite a pair:) I'm so happy you had such a fun Oct. 31st!

Anna Grace and Andrew's Jie Jie said...

Abe is adorable!! I can't believe your sweet boy will be home so soon!! Congrats!

Amy Bottomly said...

REALLY cute little bear. :) Can't believe you leave so soon! :)

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