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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

new school year & roomies

We officially started another year of Alexander Academy yesterday. We were all sad that summer was over, but excited about a new year! The Lord has provided for us this school year by giving us a new teacher. :) Hill is in 7th, Wick 6th, Avery 5th, Issy 2nd, sweet baby Abe has therapy 5 days a week and prayerfully we will be adding an active toddler to the mix soon. Lauren is a gift.

We met a precious couple this summer at family camp. They were on staff and loved on our kids so well. We found out that Matt was starting at seminary in the fall and she was looking for a teaching position in the area. Moody and I both felt led to ask them to stay with us until they could better determine where they wanted to live, etc. We were thrilled they agreed. We also asked her to pray about being our teacher, but trusted that the Lord may have another opportunity for her in a school.

We are blessed that He wanted her here, with us, helping educate our kiddos!! They came in mid-August and don't move into their apartment until mid-October. We have had a BALL with them being here. We play crazy-loud card games, laugh, swim, go on ice cream runs, cook, and just do life together. God in His graciousness, sent them to us at such a difficult time and they have helped in so many ways to lighten the mood.

They are the best! They love our kids and our kids love them- just a gift all around. We love you Matt and Lauren. Aren't they the cutest?? :)


The Porter Family said...

What a life long blessing their friendship will be. Has Moody had his 'meet the teacher' night?
I just have one word for all of the Alexander's ---- MAO!!!

Bethany said...

I love how you said "we just do life together!" Isn't that what it's all about.... Fantastic. Have a GREAT school year kiddos!!!! Leuly starts Pre in two weeks...tear....but excited to watch the growth in him.


Susan said...

Yea for Alexander Academy. Can't wait to start Science next week. That meet the teacher dinner you're having tomorrow night will be so fun...followed my a few hands of MAO...gracious hostess!! You know I kid b/c I love!!! So excited for Lauren to be a part of our Tuesday madness and fun learning! Practica tu espanol para la clase primera!!

The Albertsons said...

that's great emily!!! i love it when people open up their homes like that. what a blessing for all of you. have a great beginning-of-the-school-year :).

Mr. Josh Bottomly said...

This is pretty sweet stuff... You guys are blessed to have them, BUT they are so blessed to get to be around the Alexanders! Precious family, thats what you are! Happy school year!

Lori said...

What a fun post! And I got goosebumps when you mentioned "toddler"! Can't wait. Do you mind a stowaway when you go? ;) xoxoxoxoxox lor

Jen said...

Wow! How wonderful is that! they are so cute! What a gift He had provided for both families.

da momma said...

can i come live with yall? :) Blessings on both sides of that deal, Im sure! thinking of you...

Misty said...

they ARE totally cute! are they even OLD ENOUGH to be married? they look like they're 16 :) sounds like good times at casa Alexander!

Erica said...

SO SO cool!!! Want roomies and a teacher! How FUN! Love that you "do life together" and I'm sure they love you guys as much as you love them. What an awesome time! Enjoy friend! Praying for you and your sweet babe in Ethiopia.

Melissa said...

Yeah! They are precious and a perfectly timed gift from the Lord.

Kim said...

OH ... I am covering in chills just reading about His faithful, just in time provision.
I remember well our 4 day a week therapy schedule and I cannot wait to hear the stories to come of your busy and active toddler!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Stacy Ann said...

Yay for a new school year and for such a great new teacher! I'm sure it will go famously for y'all. I love how the Lord always provides.
Still praying for your son in Ethiopia and that he will soon be in your arms.

Holli said...

Happy New School Year!!!

Kristin said...

So fun for ALL!! And look at Abe sitting up all big in the high chair in the kitchen while everyone plays cards!!!

steffany said...

Give her hugs from the Boster Family!

Tracy said...

oh my! they are the cutest! can i send my kids to your school??

it was so great to see you last week!! i'm so thankful God brought us together through His plan for adoption! can't wait to hear the latest on sweet seth!! he is too precious!

Kari said...

I just can't believe Matt & Lauren are really there!!!! Your new teacher... I'm still amazed how God works his miracles!!!!
We miss you like crazy!!
Happy new school year..

These Three Kings said... homeschool??!! I may need to talk to you! its my first year! I am still a little nervous!! wow!! so thankful you have special guest!
look how the LORD loves you so!


michelle said...

Alexanders, congrats on your new roomies! and on that toddler boy God is bringing to your family!! We met Matt and Lauren at K Kauai while we were there the first week in October, they are incredible servants of HIS! Tell them the Outman's and Phisher and Phelix (twins from Ethiopia) send hugs!!

michelle said...

Oops, I meant to say we met this lovely couple the first week in August. . . the twins are not sleeping through the night yet, hence the confusion of months : ) LOL

Oatsvall Team said...

what a blessing !!! i see a shirt in there that i like .. we totally need to hire her to work for

love you all !!!

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