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Monday, September 7, 2009

braces and charity water

You know the old saying "the cobblers children have no shoes"? Hill just got his braces on last week and we have often laughed at the above statement being true in our house. Poor guy just went to the office with me while Issy got her braces off (she had some major issues and got them early for a phase 1) and Moody said, "hey, get in a chair. He was a real trooper about it!
It is surely a blessing to have a husband that LOVES his work. He has the best patients in the world as well. They have wholeheartedly embraced Abe, Ethiopia and our family's journey back. Everyday Moody has someone ask about Abe, lets him know they are praying, keeping up with the blog, etc. So it is no surprise that they have fully supported the practices effort to build a well in Ethiopia.

Moody has partnered with Charity Water to build a well. At each appointment a patient has the opportunity to earn up to 4 wooden nickels. They get them for good hygeine, wearing their t-shirt, being on time, etc. They can save their nickels and trade them in for Target gift cards, webkins, etc. He asked those that were interested to put their nickels in the jug instead. Once they have 5,000 nickels, the well can be built. They started in June and almost have 2,000 nickels. Moody said it is the best sound to hear them fall into the jug as patients leave each day. It has been so encouraging to hear the various stories of patients as they forgo a prize for themselves and give the gift of clean water to those far away from them.


Lisa said...

What a great way to teach kids about what is truly important! I love the idea!

Kim said...

I love it!

Erica said...

AMAZING. So neat to hear others helping with such an awesome project!

Bill said...

Praying the other 3,000 nickels come quickly. Can we give for your birthday again?

By the way: we had no will for the longest time! Ortho's kids, no braces. Cobbler's kids, no shoes, and lawyer's kids, no wills!



Bethany said...

I think this is so great!! It provides such a great teaching moment and allows a large conversation of advocacy.

Wow! keep it up Team!

Kat said...

Very Very Cool!

Cheryl said...

I love this idea! I was so proud of my kiddos for adding their nickels to the jug!!

One of my girls was so excited about it. She had been saving her nickels since she got her braces on and is now about ready to get them off and she donated every nickel to the project!!! I love that!!

da momma said...

super cool! God smiles on that!

Ellen said...

I love the "build a well with nickels"... Great idea! I wish they had that when I had braces.

The Albertsons said...

that is so cool!!! i'm going to tuck that idea away for when zach joins a practice, you know, in 800 years when he's done with school :).

Holli said...

Great! Awesome! and Such an example to all who come through Moodys doors! You not only will be changing the lifes of so many in ET with clean water but in the big T!!!
Love you guys!
Praying for the well and all those changed lives!

Lindsey said...

Absolute amazing way to teach kids (and their parents) about what is happening across the globe. LOVE it!

The Krzysiak's said...

I am happy to say Brie gave all her wooden nickles to the cause-i think it was well over a hundred of them! before the "project" we were going to just give them back! So it was nice to have a cause to give them too! Great idea!!!!

Jen said...

I wish you lived here...we would have a new dentist. Mr. Moody Alexander:) You guys walk the walk.

Misty said...

that's the "best" idea ever! i love it, and how exciting to hear as each coin drops in the bucket :) way to go A-Team, you do so much more there than just straighten teeth! i miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Melissa said...

THe kids loved dropping their nickels in the jar. Braces braces all around! Writing about ours today, too!

Lori said...

This post made my day. Can I donate? My heart is too full for words.

nancy said...

how cool is your family? WAY!

Tracy Howard said...

If Sydney will ever get her 12 year molars in (she will be 13 in November!) we will be back in the office and gladly give nickels! What a great idea! Still praying and keeping you all in our thoughts - daily.


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