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amazing photographer
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Sunday, September 27, 2009


(Julie, me and Kari at Family Kamp)
Head over here to read about and nominate someone for this contest! There are soooo many of you that have inspired me, challenged me and encouraged me- I hated being limited as I wanted to nominate everyone. :)

Thank you Kari for doing this!


Kari said...

Emily, I think you're one super brave hearted chick!! I'm honored to call you my friend!! Its really hard to just vote for one... do you think I should let bloggers vote for as many as they want?? Why not!! I'm loving reading all the comments... who & whys! Love ya sister!
Thanks for supporting your bloggy friends with all your heart:)

steffany said...

I know voting for one was HARD, but at the same time after I quieted my spirit-The lord showed me who would be encouraged by this:)

It's one thing to know you're a brave hearted chick and have tons of people to recognize that, but to see one that doesn't know she is and to see in her a strength that she may not see in herself...well that in itself deserves to be the only nominated person.
I guess my point if you feel like you need to name tons of people(as amazingly deserving as they may be...then it diminishes that one..the one God placed in your heart that needs to wear that title in humble pride:)

Kristi J said...

so fun...I voted for Kelly a couple of days ago..such a cute blog idea :) kristi

Candy said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Em!

You are one "brave-hearted chick", my youngest little chick, courageous, feisty, loving, compassionate, one strong young woman in Jesus!

Your Dad and I celebrate the gift that you are to so many today and recall with joy your arrival into this world and into our family 38 years ago today.

With so much love,

Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!

Love ya,

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