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amazing photographer
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Friday, September 11, 2009

18 months old!

Abe is 18 months old today. He continues to work hard in therapy and we continue to marvel at him. The progress continues, though very slowly. He is still working to sit up, but has recently done much better baring weight on his arm. He gets so proud of himself. Look at him sitting on the bench and supporting himself with his right arm! He knows he is doing some tough stuff here. :)
Sleep, well, we still struggle, but some nights he will surprise us. The Lord continues to meet each and every one of our needs and for that we are thankful.
He got some stylin' new shoes. Actually, he got orthodics and the shoes are worn over them, but they make him look so old and grown up! The last 2 little clips in the video are from a trip at the end of the summer to the Porter's lake. It was a blast. Abe had a permanent grin on his face. We took the whole crew out on the hot dog. (look closely and you can see him sitting at very front) Those in the boat looked terrified, but it was just one of those moments- one we ALL got to experience together. Abe does so much observing, so it was a blessing to have him participate on this activity. :)


Holli said...

GO ABE GO!!! Praying for you Abe!

Tymm said...


You are an amazing guy buddy! We constantly pray for you and just watching you in that video - your determination - your perseverance - you are one little bundle of inspiration.

Happy 18 months buddy - Atlanta GA has some serious love for you. You're a superstar in our books!

Love ~ T, Laura and Meron

Kat said...

He is beautiful. What a blessing from God this little guys is! Thank you for sharing his beautiful triumphs...this is just the beginning! God is good!

missy said...

happy birthday, abe! what a blessing you are, you little warrior! i wish i knew you. i know my life would be richer as a result. same goes for the whole alexander clan.

Shanna said...

Abe you are so beautiful and such a fighter. God bless your precious life. I really like your hair! Dude, you could have been at Woodstock!!! Love, Aunt Shanna

Chris and Jess said...

Yay Abe! That smile is contagious!!!

Rebecca said...

He reminds me of my Jacob. He just turned two and we are working on the exact same skills. He has that same joy for life as your son and very determined.


Jess said...

Man he's a happy boy!!!!!! It's so good to see him doing so well!!! Glad you had a great summer!

Susan said...

HE'S ON THE HOTDOG??? I thought you meant that he was at the front of the boat! Way to go little man!!!

Ethiopia...part of our world said...

WE LOVE YOU ABE!! Its truly miraculous knowing God's plan for Abe to be a part of your family. You are my inspiration dear Emily!! We can't wait to connect again as families!

Kari said...

oooops... that was me. I was blogging for my friend:)
love you,

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful boy! He is doing so good and growing so fast!

What a hard little worker! He is a precious boy and you can see his determination on his face!

Happy 18 months Abe!! We love you!!

Amy Bottomly said...

Really sweet! Abey babey is working so hard! Sweet sweet thing. Love his new kicks and really love the hair. :) He's rockin the fro. :)

Sydney said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday to your sweet Abe. So proud of him and of your whole crew. What a blessing that sweet soul is. That last pic is too cute!

Sparkz said...

What a neat kid! Go Abe!

Diane said...

It is pure Joy to peek into your days at the Alexander home with sweet baby Abe! He was and is precious! I smiled thinking how God must really SMILE when he sees how much love is flowing in and around your home on a daily basis...between sweet Abe, his Brothers and Sisters..Mom and Dad...all his gifted care suppliers(who also look like they absolutely adore Abe) well, honestly I felt like we're watching something truly Holy...God surely must be pleased!

Thank you for sharing your precious Son, Abe, with us...thrilled to see how happy and loved he is!! God continue to wrap you all in His Love.

Kim said...

Sweet Abe ... you define JOY!
Thank you for making my day!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

whittakerwoman said...

I want to live near you! Well no I want you to live near me. I don't want to live in TX. :) H

The Porter Family said...

I hope you know how much we love you Abe!! Thanks for doing life with us Alexanders -- Love y'all

Oatsvall Team said...

i can't wait to show this to Jeremiah tomorrow !!! You go Abey !!!! we love you bunches in TN

Ted and Lori said...

Emily, that video just gets me on so many levels: the amazing spirit of Abe with that perpetual smile, the providence of God in placing him with exactly the right family, Abe's big brother swimming with him. Overwhelming.

jenny said...

This video is beyond precious! What a sweet boy and what a blessing he is to those around him. He has the greatest smile! Looks like he is working so hard and making huge strides!

Jenny C.

Traci said...

Congratulations on Abe!!! Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and hoping you're doing okay- I know the waiting is killing you. I haven't forgotten, and more importantly, God hasn't either. Praying that all goes smoothly over the next few weeks.

Kristi J said...

oh, that made me cry and not much makes me cry :) he's amazing!! kj

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