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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

mixing it up

I am a creature of habit and tend to not love change, but I am just plain giddy about my new blog make-over!  As we are quickly approaching 7 months of waiting for a referral (that originally we were told to expect a 1-6 mo wait), I am beginning to realize that my little rituals aren't working! 

For example: Moody and I made a deal that we would only get our hair trimmed and not full on haircuts until we got "THE CALL" and I have been wearing my and Product(RED) bracelets daily.  Now, do I really believe that wearing a bracelet and not cutting my hair is going to produce a referral?? NO, but it was a way to make the wait fun and interesting.  I was definitely disappointed when we ran out of paper chains- it was a great wake up call that this isn't MY rodeo.

I have said from the beginning that I believe that God is in control and I believe that His timing is best.  If I am totally honest, I just thought the two would be on the same page.  So as we begin new, uncharted, paper chain-less days- I thought spicing up the blog might be a fun idea.  I saw my sweet friend Tracie's last night and I had serious blog envy! Check out the link to the right that says, created by blog for a cause.

Do you think I should get my hair cut too?


Ellen said...

Love your new template! I certainly hope that referral comes soon... can't wait to meet Addie and Seth! (and possibly hold one in the nursery?!)

TedTracie said...

I did not know you were doing that.
I say cut your hair!!! You can not twart the plans of the LORD and unless you are getting strength from your hair like Samson, I think you'll be just fine :-)

OH MY... I got a kick out of this post!
You are too cute!!!

julie_joshb said...

i love love love love your new cool blog! U and tracie are so much cooler then me!

Chris & Jess said...

LOVE the blog makeover! It's beautiful!
Maybe all this "newness" will spark that referral! I'm praying for you!!!!

Misty said...

Your blog looks great! My sister always told me, "when you can't control anything else, you can always control your hair!" I think I'm in for a haircut too;)

Lori said...

I've got green coming out of my mouth with envy!!! I love that you took the plunge!! Only the other day did I realize that it IS possible to remove my Africa necklace without cursing me! We are a bit alike my friend!

Hair.... that's such a nesting mommy thing isn't it??!! Have you ever had a shorter do?? xoxo

Kimmie said...

Wow, I am so glad that I didn't make that same 'no haircut' decision with my beloved! (we are now 'switched' to Ethiopia after 2 years of waiting for a Guatemalan adoption) Yikes, I'd look like Bigfoot or something ;-)!!

God is in control and He knows just where your children are. His timing is perfect and though we have been waiting what seems like an eon...well, after seeing His hand bring us what totals now as 6 children (5 by adoption)-I can testify that His timing is INDEED perfect.

Be blessed and joyous as you wait!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Melissa said...

Love your blog and I don't think you should cut your hair. It looks great long! But you never do what I say anyway so why do I bother...

steffany said...

Love the new blog!
But no on the haircut.
I'm the first to try new things. However, You should wait for the call.

julie_joshb said...

7 months Em! I am praying for you!

julie_joshb said...

HIS timing is SO perfect! It will be JUST perfect for your familY!

Laura said...

love love love your new blogover. :)

I say cut it!! :) I love change. :)

Praying your referral is soon. I getting VERY antsy for you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! WOW, your new design is great! ACK -- the hair vow -- I did it, too. Years, later, and having grown SO sick of my ridiculous mane... today I cut it! ACK! I'll post a pic so you can see once I get over myself. :)

Lori said...

Now every time I do a re-check I get freaked out by the new site and I just don't like it! It doesn't feel like Em's site!!!

I'll have to adjust, but I'm not happy or jealous anymore, just annoyed! :) Kidding! xoxo

Hauswife said...

Oh, that was my anonymous post above!

THESE 3 KINGS said...

psalm (33:16–22),

A king is not saved by his great army; a warrior is not delivered by his great strength. The war horse is a vain hope for victory, and by its great might it cannot save . . . Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and shield. Yea, our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy name. Let thy steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in thee.

praying for that referral..continue to wait for HIS GLORY/love the new blog.. i think I have the blog envy now :)

Gurskes said...

First off LOVE the new blog look very refreshing!

Second DON'T CUT the hair! Keep it going strong girl...don't give in :-).

Hang on tight girl the lord above has a journey for you and your family very soon!

cheers from Rome :-).

Candy said...

Well, we are fully vaccinated and protected against all forms of dread disease. We're now also ready for THE CALL! Waiting and praying with and for you.
Mom & Dad

kenzsethia said...


I did the same thing while waiting for Sophie and ended up with longer hair than I'd had since grade school! It was a good way to grow it out though. Hang in there. Love the new blog.

Aimee Neal

Jennifer said...

LOVE the new blog layout... and go for the haircut!

crazy thorne's said...

Love it love it love it! The colors are very cool and hip! I will vote no on the hair cut (maybe a trim, but nothing extreme!) But hey who am I to say. Just please your hubby! Have you called the agency yet??

Hauswife said...

OK, I posted a pic of the new do. Come lookie! :)

Eric & Tara said...

Cut it, cut it, cut it! (to be said in a chanting monotone sort of way) :)

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...


You are such an encouragement to me!! I am praying so much for your kiddos in Africa....Lord, please bring the referral SOON!!!

Love you,

Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

I love your new hip blog! You might just have to cut your hair and get a new hip style too! :-) I tell you, after that many months of waiting, you can do exactly what you want and when you want! That include wine and chocolate for breakfast if need be! :-)

Misty said...

holy cow you know another Misty? :O) i saw "Misty said" blah blah and i was like "oh i didn't remember writing that?" hahahahah

Jennifer said...

Any woman who is free enough to wear her husband's shoes to the grocery store should feel free enough to cut her hair if she wants to... just my two cents!

Jennifer said...

Just realized that is a son, not a husband... oops.

Jennifer said...

Or maybe a brand... good heavens, I need to go to sleep!

Jana said...

oh, girl. I love that you guys haven't cut your hair.....i say, be free! :) and i like the new blog!

we continue to think of and pray for you......also, LOVE that you have extended fam. coming with you to ET!


suz and i are together today talking about you ... hee hee ... i am all for cutting the hair and givng yourself a pamper day to lift your spirits ... love the new blog and know that your angels will be home soon regardless of bracelets, cutting hair, or the lack of paper chains ... love you dear friend !!!!

Jana said...

We are going to DC over spring break to visit friends....Can you tell me again the name of the Morroccan place you guys loved? We hope to go there!! :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

DO.NOT.GET. A SHROOM HAIRCUT LIKE MINE. WHATEVER YOU DO. Your hair is beautimus and I love it long...maybe just get like an inch off...that's all. As for doing something different and "mixing" it up...why don't you go see a little lady I like to call "give you microdermabrasion and burn your face untill it scars in several places" She is very close to you...and she loves to scrub on your face...good times.

Holli said...

today is Friday......:):(- honestly I am so shocked to hear what ages, sexes that you have requested and with no refferal.....but today is a new day God promises renew every morning!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new blog look! It's AWESOME!!!! :)


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