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amazing photographer
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Monday, March 31, 2008


Is this cute or what?  "Superman was adopted"

It is the first gift that baby B has received and I adore it.  It is from my sweet, Africa- loving, huge- heart- for- adoption friend, Rainey.  Thank you.

She picked it up at a Gladney event this past weekend, and I can't wait to see my little man sporting it!!


Amy said...

Really cute! I have a feeling this is the first of MANY gifts you will receive for your two new beauties. :)

Hauswife said...

That is darling! :D

Lori said...

Oh I love it!!! Do you mean by baby B, baby boy or are you considering a name change... hmmm?

I didn't even suspect another post on here Em!! So darn proud of your updating!!! :)


Jocelyn said...

Love it!!

TedTracie said...


Sara said...

Stumbled on your blog through b/c I'm friends with Kristin from Irishopian. :)

We have two boys from Ethiopia, adopted at ages 2.5 and 11 months. I can't wait to hear more details of your two newest additions, and to see their photos! Whereabouts in Texas are you? We moved to northwest Houston a couple of years ago. Not a lot of diversity out here!


ok, that is just the cutest thing ever ... i am so over the top excited for you and i just know these precious children are going to change you as much as you change them ... i need sizes for both ... text me !!!

Kimberly Baggett said...

that little onesie is sooo cute! so excited for y'all!

THESE 3 KINGS said...

ah! Love it!!

the albertsons said...

Oooooh I want that! CUTE!

Ellen said...

So Cute! As I told Ave the other day, I can't wait to come babysit with her during summer ball games!

Candy said...

Adorable! Can't wait to hold that little guy and his big sister!

avery said...


If you see this, send me an email.

Your blog wasn't listed on your profile page and I wanted to answer your question. I will check with Kristin too.


Holli said...

SO CUTE. I have been meaning to ask if you are doing a name change or keep the same?

Melissa said...

That is so stinkin' cute! What a fun little onsie for the cutest baby on the planet! Can't wait to see him in it!

Lindsey and Cortney said...

I just came across your blog! How exciting! We are adopting an 8 year old girl and we just adopted our baby Ian! You are a little ahead of us with the paperwork so I am excited to hear how the adjustments go with your children. Keep us posted!
Lindsey Clevinger

Jess said...

Our little "supermen" are so wonderful!!!

What a cute shirt!

Jason said...

Stumbled on your blog and saw this! Love it. Very cool to read about your adoption and passion for orphans.

God's blessings!
jason [at] abbafund [dot] org

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