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Friday, March 7, 2008

you know you are adopting when

This picture has little to do with this post. It was taken after the boys black belt test last spring, but I think a post looks better with a picture. :) Karate is mentioned below.

I was eating dinner at Tony's (local, family-friendly Italian restaurant) tonight with Hill, Avery, Issy and Jess (Moody is in Atlanta and Wick was at a birthday party--just in case you were keeping tabs) and a couple walked in carrying a precious little boy that I thought was probably adopted.

We started talking about karate because his son was wearing his Gi and my kids all go to the same studio. blah, blah, blah.....I asked them about their son as I was playing with his chubby little hands. He is 9 months old, from Guatemala and they have been home for three weeks.

I then did what any normal person would do in the middle of a crowded eating establishment after hearing that wonderful news---I BURST INTO TEARS- honest.

Michelle, (we exchanged names after my breakdown) :) sweet thing, gave me the biggest hug! When I finally pulled myself together and only half of the restaurant was staring at us, I told them that we were in the middle of an adoption from Ethiopia.

For all you Gladney families-- they live next door to Scott Brown. Their 5 year old son plays with the Brown's Ethiopian daughter all of the time. Isn't that cool? I apologized several times and they kept saying that it was ok and they knew how I felt. They were very encouraging and kind, but I'm sure questioned my sanity somewhat.......come on, who wouldn't?

Hoping the rest of the weekend is a little less emotional.  On a very happy note, please read my friend Bethany's blog.  She held her sweet Leul for the first time today.   

God is so good.  I just got off the phone with Laurie .  That girl encourages my soul.  Thank you Lord for that blessing, and allow her to have the most relaxing weekend!!


Melissa said...

Soon, sweet sister. Soon.

Candy said...

In the midst of the wait it's hard to remember that His "time" is always the perfect time. How gracious to give you Himself in "skin & bones" in your new friends from Tony's! Take hold of the grace that is yours today-- moment by moment!
Love you!

steffany said...

I would have cried too.


i would love to give you some sane words, but every time i visit your blog and you send me to someone who just received a referral or has met their precious new child, I CRY LIKE A BABY ... we are cut from the same clothe, sister .. thank you Corrine for introducing me to such an amazing, beautiful, kindhearted, spirited, lovely sister of the Lord ... Emily I am standing in the gap for your sweet friend and praying daily for you, your family and your precious children in Ethiopia !!!!

emily & mike said...

Don't worry, you are NOT alone! My dossier isn't even in Ethiopia yet and today when I was grocery shopping I saw a mom with a 1 year old little boy in her cart who looked like he was adopted from Ethiopia. The boy said Hi to me and I immediately started crying! I had to run over to some aisle where no one was so I could get ahold of myself!!!
The only thing that helps me is knowing that God is for putting orphans in families, therefore God is for me and this adoption! God is on our side in this long wait and journey.

Holli said...

I burst into tears just reading.....
God hears our cries, the cries of our future children, and those of their birth parents. He will comfort us all and provide our every need!
Ecclesiastes 3
A time for everything!
time to weep a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.
Your laughing and dancing are just
around the corner!

Eric & Tara said...

Oh you precious little thing! I am sure they really did completely understand- isn't it great that you can have an instant bond with people you've never met, all because of adoption. God is so good, to bring all of us adopting families together to experience his goodness!

Anonymous said...

I knew why you why you were crying before you even told me what was being said...

I love you and am waiting with you guys! If I seriously keep seeing adopted babies staring at you all day when I'm with you....hmmm....

the albertsons said...

Don't you worry... I've done the same thing many times!!!! I just love adoption, love when it all works out, and totally ready for ours to happen... so add all those things together and BAM! Tears! I think it's great that you cried, and I'm certain the people truly understood :).
hang in there!

Hauswife said...

I'm so grateful for you, Emily! I cannot tell you how much your call blessed me and started my weekend off so perfectly. I thank the Lord for your sweet friendship and am PRAYING and PRAYING for the Lord to release the floodgates of Heaven with a referral for the Alexanders! Enough already! It's time! I'm so blessed by your faithfulness. You encourage me with your love for Jesus, dear friend.

Jennifer said...

I did the same exact thing at a restaurant last summer after we had received our referral, but we had not passed our first court date. We saw an adorable black toddler boy with a white family and my son said "yook mommy... it's Hunter!"
I started sobbing right there on the spot. And I never did talk to that family, so I am sure they thought I had forgotten to take some pretty important meds that day. Oh well!
Waiting stinks, but holding them in your arms forever is divine! Can't wait for it to be your turn

Jess said...

I totally understand that!! A month away from our referral I practically attacked a couple in Costco one Sunday because they had 2 boys from Guatemala with them!

You WILL be the woman that someone bursts into tears for one day when she sees you with your children.

Oh, and I have been known to stare and cry at pregnant Mayan women in the grocery store before. It's all part of the journey.

Anonymous said...

Just reading this almost made me cry. I would have done the same thing. In fact, I found myself NOT talking about it with someone the other day when it came up completely normally in conversation because.... I guess I'm too bummed to talk about it right now.

I feel ya. I love ya,


Kimmie said...

Hi Emily;

Though we have never met, I feel as if our hearts have. I am sending you a hug and reminding you that God hasn't forgotten you. While you are waiting He has His hand on you and all of yours...

...some things take more time, more prayer, more trust. May His hand bring you yours quickly. He is saving your tears in a jar, they move His heart-as you know He loves the orphans. This world isn't as He wished, I am sure His heart is heavy as He looks around at all those 'without,' certainly His arm isn't too short to help you as you wait. Wish I could give you a hug and offer you a cup of tea.

Praying for you;
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
*waiting on an Ethiopian adoption-that started 2 years ago in Guatemala.

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