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Friday, March 28, 2008

a few more details

I finally feel like my feet are coming back down to the ground! We have been floating for days. The outpouring of love and encouragement has been overwhelming.  I told Moody on Tuesday that I wanted everyday to be like this- it just felt like a huge group hug!  He quickly reminded me that days like that weren't exactly "reality"!! 

We really are so blessed to have friends and family that support us and already love these kids. Their pictures are prominently displayed on several refrigerators- I love that they make people smile and are getting prayed for by so many.

On that note.  We would ask that you would continue to pray for them and the details that still need to be done.  We are quickly trying to get our dossier reviewed (had to be FedExed from Ethiopia) to the new agency.  Pray that very few changes will need to be made so we can get it back in country and in line for a court date!  We want to get them home soon. :)

Pray for their transition.  Especially our daughter. That the Lord would be their comfort and strength in difficult times. That He would provide for their every need.  I know they are going to be well taken care of but mama bear is ready to do it herself!!

One sweet story- our Avery has prayed for a baby this whole time.  She had big crocodile tears when she was playing with and feeding Silas B. his bottle- she looooonged to have a baby of her own.  I continually reminded her that we wouldn't be receiving a referral of an infant.  I knew where we were on the wait list and I knew several families ahead of us were specifically requesting infants in their sib groups.  I just didn't want her to get her hopes up.  She said, "well, I can pray for a baby."  Oh the sweet child-like faith.  God heard the prayers of an 8 year old girl and blessed us with an infant boy!  God is in the details my friends.

I have seen and experienced the presence of God more clearly through this experience than any other time in my life.  I have felt His hand on difficult days and felt a peace to wait on Him and His perfect timing.  It is so clear now, He was having us wait for them.  For the two perfect kids for our family.  I have also been blessed by new friendships.  I have rejoiced with many of you that have already traveled to bring home your children.  I continue to pray for others as they await referrals (Lori, it is coming.  Jamie, hang in there) and those that are still waiting to get through court.  This is a precious community.

We are so thankful for each of you! 


geurinks said...

I have not commented on your blog before but have been checking often, tears of joy for your family and the blessings he has for you. God Bless you

Lori said...

Oh, I hope you're able to track the dossier??!!

This wait is going to be tough one, but now you have plenty to do to use all of your spare time :)!

Nursery, clothes, bags, stuff for the trip, etc. etc.!!! How exciting!

Kimberly Baggett said...

Precious, just precious! Oh, the intricate perfect workings of our sweet Savior! I am so thrilled for your family and prayerful your children will feel the warmth and love of their new family very soon!

shanna said...

Thank the Lord how He is in the details! Love you all, Shanna

Katy said...

we want to hear the story of how you got the call..all the details!!! Where were you, where were the kids!!! Come on, spill it!

Anonymous said...

My eyes are full of tears (AGAIN) as I just smile at how our gracious Lord has plans so much fuller and higher than ours and perfectly sovereign.....even when in the waiting we don't understand (I relate as I continue to wait on that man God has for me!). Your journey has encouraged me beyond words and I just can't stop praising God for his perfect goodness! Oh how sweet it is to watch God DELIGHT in giving us exactly what we need in each moment for those whose hearts are turned towards him! Praying them Home!! Love you all and love hearing how God Specifically has answered prayers of your entire family!

Love, Love

- Kristin L.

Erica said...

Beautiful post. Absolutely our God is in the details! What an AWESOME God we serve. Praying praying praying for your sweet babies.

This is the hardest time. You know their sweet faces, you can almost feel their little hands in yours but yet so far away. Praying for peace for the mama bear. Praying for a speedy court date.

We are so happy for you all. I can't wait to see sweet Avery with her baby.

Bill said...

It's been a joy not only to have the pics on my fridge but also to take them down and show them off! So many praying for them, your family, and all of us who will be their extended family. Right now, we pray that God's family in Addis will surround these little ones and be their sure support until mama bear arrives!
I love you, sweet Em,

carleigh said...

i am so excited to hear the details and see pictures!!

Gurskes said...

Wonderful..just wonderful. I'm outta control checking your posts daily for any update I can get my hands on! I can NOT wait to see their beautiful faces.

ohh hang in their your children will be home very soon.

Cheers family,

TedTracie said...


I too am thankful for you!
You have been such an encouragement to so many that I think they are just repaying the favor. You are the "BLOG QUEEN"... haha.

You are LOVED

Anonymous said...

sweet alexanders! i truly rejoice with you all! i love that the Lord "happened" me upon your blog a few months ago...and that now i follow weekly! i rejoice at the perfect timing of your referral coming in! Oh the joy the Lord has in store. praying for continued details to unfold! hugs to you all!
kristin Cowden

Holli said...

Knowing the details are taken care of is GOOD! God is AWESOME and will know the RIGHT MOMENT for you to get your kids and for your kids to get you!!! I can't tell you how many people we have told your story to and are praying for you all the way over on this side of the world!
People say so how do you know them? I say its my blog english buddies don't think I know any americans besides bloggers!:)

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Yes, it IS a precious community. Ditto, too, on experiencing God so strongly during this journey.

Ellen said...

We love them already! Can't wait to hold Seth and hug Addie - since Issy won't let me hug her! :) (Love her, though!) Hope everything else goes smoothly!

Jocelyn said...

I am so happy for you all!! I really can't tell you enough how wonderful your children will be taken care of while they wait to come home forever. I hope that your Dossier change over goes smoothly!! Congrats again!

Jess said...

I know that there are many things you can't share in an Ethiopia adoption, so I am very thankful to hear what we can!!

I am so glad God answered your little girls prayers!

I am very much looking forward to continue to follow your journey and soon see the pictures of your sweet children!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shout out, my friend. Although I am very sad to lose my waiting buddy and potential travel companion (delusional thinking, I know) I am beyond happy for your family. I've been thinking a lot about you guys and how happy Avery must be, it all just worked out so beautifully.

Keep us posted and PLEASE stay in touch, I know you will.

My thoughts are with your beautiful kiddos right now. Your daughter is probably so happy to know she has a family again.


Stacie said...

Amazing! I am so happy for your family!

Hauswife said...

Just checking in to see how the dossier transfer was progressing.

Yes, our God is so good. He cares about every single detail and every wish of our hearts! How amazing is that?!

Thanks for the reminder this weekend, Em. I needed these words!


Kristin said...

Whit who!! Praise God, I am so happy for you and your entire family! He does work in mysterious ways and in the end He always gets us to the children He has set aside for us! At the coffee ceremony Dr Tsegaye said that he believed we had all been placed with the children the Lord had chosen for us before they were born and before we had even thought about this adoption journey. You and I know he is right! I can't wait for you to meet Fifi's family! You will love her mother and Dereje! What a blessed Easter season! We will be praying for a fast process and travel time for you all!
God bless, Kristin


ok, i just got a tear ... i just put their sweet faces in your family picture in my mind ... it is so beautiful ... you know i am praying ... i just posted a new God project on my blog and you don't have a choice .. you have to participate (no hurry on the timing) ... your story has changed me .. love ya !!!

Laura said...

I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear all the details and see their sweet faces. YAY!! :)

Holli said...

Just gazing at your beautiful kids faces wonder if you are going to choose names or pick them? If so what are they.....if you are telling? :)

Holladay Family said...

That is VERY exciting? Does this mean that your wait will increase or decrease? Hope you get your angels home soon! P.S. Are there other children on the list that other people could look at? :)

Holladay Family said...

Didn't mean to have a question mark after exciting! You guys are amazing and your family will be so blessed to have two more kids!

S. said...

BEautiful! I am so very happy for your family I can say that God's timing IS perfect, esp. after our adoption experience--so many details came together to enable us to bring our sweet girl home--I love how he answered the prayers of an 8 yr. old to give your family and infant to love! How about some more details, though?

Paige Horras said...

I am so very happy for you and your family! Many joyous days lie ahead! I will continue to pray for your family during this wonderful journey!

Jason and Colleen said...

Just wanted to congratulate you on your referral! My wife and I are from Michigan and are waiting for a referral of (a girl under 2) from Ethiopia. Amazingly, I found your blog through a google search of product (RED) not a blog search. It is one of the best blogs I have read so far and truly an inspiration. We hope the rest of your journey to Ethiopia is amazing! I know every night I lay awake thinking of about that moment when we will get the chance to hold our daughter for the first time.

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