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amazing photographer
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Thursday, August 9, 2007


My sweet friend Kristin just got back from several weeks in Zambia. She is the friend that the Lord used greatly to open the floodgate on our hearts and draw us towards adoption. It was watching the video from Family Legacy Missions (organization she went with to Africa) that Issy started asking if we could bring all of the orphans home. We told the kids to start praying, and pray they did.......they were ready immediately, then the Lord confirmed it in my heart, and finally dad got on board. We are all 100% convinced that this is a gift from God, and for that we are incredibly grateful.

Last night Kristin had a fellowship to share with her friends about her time in Africa. This trip changed her in powerful ways and it was a blessing to hear all about her two weeks in Zambia. Family Legacy Missions operate week long camps for orphans in Zambia (counselors are given a group of about 10 kids each session) and really have the opportunity to pour into their kids and share the love, hope and truth of the gospel. Many of these kids have never had anyone hug them or tell them that they love them. Many embrace the hope that is offered to them in Christ and for the first time feel valuable, worthy and loved. To see the tears in Kristin's eyes as she talked about her precious girls and her deep, deep love and affection for them was amazing. She hated to leave them, and prays she will have the opportunity to return.

A really great project that they have started this year is a sponsorship and child development program for all of the kids that attend camp. For $36 a month you can provide food assistance, education, health and medical services and regular spiritual discipleship training. How cool is that?? They are hiring and training Zambians to mentor the kids that get sponsored. The kids will be trained in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and prayerfully turn around and do the same. Think how this can help change this nation!! I love how Family Legacy Missions is committed to the long-term impact on these precious children's lives. I do ask you to pray for the girls that our children picked out last night to sponsor. Faidess is 12 and Aliness is 11. They both accepted Christ at camp and I'm so excited that they will be followed up with as they have very daunting circumstances in Zambia. Pray for Kristin too as her heart aches for Zambia and the girls she grew to love.

As I watched that video months ago, one particular boy tugged at my heart. His name is Kelvin and he was 13 years old. He sang this song about loving and serving the Lord with a steady stream of tears falling down his face. I was so convicted of his sincere love for Jesus, and his ability to love and praise him without the distractions of the world. He literally had nothing except his hope in Christ. I told Kristin to please find out about Kelvin, and I prayed that he had been adopted or was doing well still in Zambia. Below is a picture of Kelvin! Kristin found him and he is doing awesome. He is actually what they call a deacon at camp. The deacons help out at camp and love on the kids. The video was over 4 years old so he is probably 18 now. Can you believe how cute he is-- the light of Jesus radiates through him.

Kristin has put an amazing video together, and I will be getting several dvd's to share with others about this incredible opportunity to serve. I challenge you to consider going to Zambia sometime to minister to these kids at Camp Life or to sponsor a child through their new program. Kristin still has several of her girls available to sponsor, if you are interested email me.

I'm encouraged by Kristin's faithfulness to serve, and for the opportunity to walk through this journey with her. She is a professional photographer and it shows in how she captured these kids. Click here to see her website.

Thank you for allowing me this moment to share what I think is an incredible opportunity to "care for the orphans" as the Lord commands us in James 1:27.


Kristin said...

Em and Moody,
Thanks again for coming last night!! (LOVED seeing the kids too!!) Can't say thank you enough for your committment to take Aliness and Faidess under your banner of prayer!! It will be fun to see down the road how God will use them in Zambia, as he has grown up and used Kelvin!!

Love you all and am praying for the homecoming of your two!! - K.

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful and am so thankful I got to see and hear about her trip! Can't wait for the BIG trip! Love you guys so much!

The Hausams said...


Joy said...

Congratulations on receiving your CIS approval! Also, we are adopting from Zambia and I just happened to find your blog through Steppin Heavenward. This was such a blessing to read. Praise God!

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