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amazing photographer
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

passing time

I love how creative kids can be if given a few boxes and hours of time! The plan was to make a fort, and then sleep in it with the dogs. Issy ended up in our bed-- and so did two of the dogs:) Memories are being made! I think we will need a few more boxes and a larger fort to fit two more kids in there:)


Anonymous said...

I just love that they are always up for a mini adventure!! :) You can now read about my airport adventure :) Missed you guys

Eric & Tara said...

i like that on the fort it says, "trespassers will be shot"
ha ha!!

Shawn and Jami said...

that is the best kind of can't package that...enjoyed lunch with you after church

Jana said...

emily--well.....ironically, because we are adopting, I am now tutoring EVERY night, mon. thru fri., 5-9pm. augh!!! When are we ever going to do dinner? Never--unless you guys could do a Saturday or Sunday night. I'm sorry to be so complicated and high-maintenance. Do you think weekends could ever work?

Keva said...

You have a beautiful family. How old are you kids? I hope to have a full brood like yours one day. All in God's timing. I was just looking back through your blog and noticed how long you have been waiting. I will continue to pray that you will recieve your I-171H soon. We are still waiting on a referral and then another long wait after that...urgh! " Be still and Know that i am God." Let us keep praying that.

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