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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

happy birthday

Happy 6th Birthday sweet baby girl!!!


Miranda said...

Thanks for always checking up with us through our blog and we go to First Baptist Church in Durham, NC. You can google to find our website, I can't say enough good things about our senior pastor and his rich expositionary teaching. Blessings you your family!!

Katy said...

I can not believe she is 6!!!!
Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

My deal w/Issy is this...she can only have more birthdays if she will promise me just a few things...
1)she will always run and jump to me when she sees me anywhere, anytime like she has since before she could ever walk and 2) She will always say babysittuhhhrrrr the way she does no matter how old she gets... :( I'm sad she keeps growing but excited she won't be the baby for long!!!

Two Peas in a Pod said...

Tell Izzy that I DO think she looks much different now that she is 6! So much more mature and beautiful ! so weird how fast they grow! I remember that little munchkin when I first started there and how I would give her candy and she would run and tell you and then I would get in trouble!!!! lol....actually ...not much has changed! Love yall!

Jana said...

sweet! look at her rockclimbing!

hey--a Sat. or Sun. would be great--We are usually not very busy on our weekends, as long as we plan a few weeks in advance. I have a feeling YOU guys are busy then, so why don't you name a few nights that would work? Would the 25th work? (a Sat.)

Misty said...

yep how time does fly! :O) Emily was preg with Izzy when I started to work with Dr. Moody. that's how you can remember how many years i've been at the office :O) All those kiddos are growin up. I know it's hard sometimes for Dad! anyway, I love getting to be a small part in ya'lls lives and getting to watch them grow! I always have fun playing with them, especially "around the world" or "horse" with Izzy!

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