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amazing photographer
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

melissa's musings

I want to welcome my sister-in-law, Melissa, to the bloggy world! Melissa is the beautiful wife of my brother, mother to four, faithful friend and quite possibly the funniest person that I know. She is quick, real quick. She lives in the inner-city of Dallas and has really, really interesting things happen to her on a daily basis.

I have been telling her for months now to start a blog. She will call and tell a story about her day, I will cackle and wish that others could experience the laughter that I am--- so, like any good sis-in-law, I set up a blog for her:) She ran with it and you should stop by and meet her. Click here

Melissa with Sadie


Anonymous said...

Look forward to checking it out!

Kate said...

very funny! Her stories are so cute and she has a great way of telling them :)

The Fournet Family said...

Emily-Thanks for your post on our site. I just read Melissa's blog and I think I know some of your family from PCPC. I would love to tell you more about our group at Watermark. PLease feel free to email me. We have also met another family online that has children and is adopting from would be fun to connect and meet each other. Look forward to talking to you.

Shawn and Jami said...

love the blog...I'm in!

Melissa said...

Now the pressure is REALLY on. Um, could we find a different picture? I mean Sadie, always precious, but who's the old lady with frizzy hair next to her? :)

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