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amazing photographer
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Monday, August 27, 2007


One of the many reasons that I love my husband is that he is faithful! He is faithful to his wife, his friends and his sports teams! I found out early on in our dating life that Texas Tech and the Texas Rangers would come with the package. (It is a great package, I might add!!)

He is no fair weather fan-- he is the eternal optimist with both. Every year IS THE YEAR!!! He truly believes that the Rangers and Tech will go all the way. (I do love that about him.)

Last night he got honored for that faithfulness. His father (and now M) have had season tickets for over 30 years!!! He got to go on the field and receive a momento for the occasion. The kids and I were so proud of him! Yay dad!!!


Julie_JoshB said...

yes we were...just shut down for a minute... :) thanks for asking!

Keva said...

Our husbands seem to be alike in this area as well. I do love mine for the loyalty to his teams and his family. Trev is a huge Redskins (Pro-Football), UNC Carolina (college basketball), Notre Dame (college football)fan. He follows all and has since he was about 10. And every year is there year! Oh, the men we love.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! Love the field pics!! :)

Keva said...

Okay, so now we have another thing in common. We live in Wake Forest, but go to church in Durham. Our church's college ministry reaches 3 campuses, UNC, Duke, and NC State. We are currently working with Campus Crusade and IV ministries at UNC. Trevor, will be leading a Bible study with Crusade or IV this fall at Carolina for the Summit(our church). It has been so cool to move to the area and reach the students that attend the school you root for.

Anything else, we might have in common?

Keva said...

Okay, one more thing...I was born in Georgetown, TX and my mothers side of the family ALL still live there. Tyler, Midland, Austin, Georgetown. No one is Dallas though.

Misty said...

well i can't believe that he didn't even mention this at morning huddle, or staff meeting, or ANYTIME thru the day! :O) maybe he has other stuff on his mind...i mean, it's not like he is leaving today for brazil or anything. :O) thanks for sharing the cute pics!

Jana said...

that's really impressive!

Teri C said...

You have a beautiful family. I love contests, so what is the referral for, I want to play the game? Everyone looks hard at work and back to school. My baby started kindergarten (Jaxon) this year, only 2 "no stamp" days for talking during story time. He will be the one to test me over and over again. Kindgergarten has changed since my 3rd grader was there, they have research projects and book reports and things. I was shocked, but in a good sort of way. Challenge their little minds early... Time flies when you are having fun. Are the cowboys still ahead????

Teri C said...

I now know about the referral... I will post tomorrow my guess. GOD has a plan :) My prayers are that it is very soon!

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