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amazing photographer
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

team update from dube bute

The team had an amazing day in Dube Bute yesterday.  The text from Moody said: Driving back to Awassa (where they spend nights). Can't begin to describe this day.  God showed up. So beautiful and powerful.

I then got to talk to him and hear in detail just how incredible it was for the team to tour all of the completed projects from Hope for Dube Bute.  Moody said at the school they told of the difference these new classrooms are making in the lives of the children living there.  At the health post, the health care worker told the story of a widow that brought in her only child, a baby that was sick.  They were able to provide this child with antibiotics and the baby is currently completely healthy.  At the vet clinic a similar story of a man and his cow, his only livelihood. Each story caused great opportunity to give praise to the One that allowed it all.

He said they then started a trek to visit some of the wells.  3 of the team members had built wells and Moody said it was emotional for everyone as they got to see clean water running through and the very people that this water has helped!  To steal a line from charity:water, Water Changes Everything.  It really does.  At each well they would sing and celebrate with the people of Dube Bute.  Moody said thousands came out to celebrate!!

On a personal note, Eyasu's uncle was very sad to not see Eyasu on the trip.  Breaks my heart he thought he was coming. Moody had the translator repeatedly explain that he is too young and it is too far to make the trip again.  He promised he will return one day! Moody has new pictures to take to him today and I pray that they somehow soothe his heart.

The team is back in Dube Bute right now.  They will start the baseball clinic.  They will play with kids.  There is some teaching being done by our pastor.  They are also praying for clarity in how to best help in the future.

You can be praying about tonight.  They are showing the Jesus Film in their Sidama language.  This will be the first screen, moving images, etc that they have ever seen.  Can you imagine?

Thankful to those joining us on this journey in prayer!  Couldn't do it without you.  A few team members are sick.  Pray for quick healing and it no more come down with it.  I would LOVE you to pray for me tomorrow as I get on a plane with an almost 2 year old that isn't feeling very well.  Hasn't slept well in days and is generally SUPER busy.  I am flying solo on the Dallas- Frankfurt leg and then meet the rest of the team in Frankfurt.  I can't wait to be with my family that is already there.  Abe and Eyasu will man the fort here.  Praying they are healthy, happy and time goes quickly for them.  I'm so blessed by the people helping out and allowing me to go!


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Praying for you!

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