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amazing photographer
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Friday, June 15, 2012

opening day in dube bute

I am trying to run out the door but this was too good not to post.  I just talked to Hill for awhile.  The team just returned to the hotel from Dube Bute.  He sounded like he was on cloud 9.  He said that he and Wick first got our their baseball gloves and were throwing the ball back and forth.  A crowd of kids started to gather.

He said that the got out all of the gloves they took and balls.  They passed those out and then those boys started throwing the ball back and forth.  He said they were giddy.  Then Wick got out a bat.  Hill said they did soft toss for awhile and the kids were fascinated by the bat and ball.  Hill said he hit one really hard and it went down the hill.  A group of boys took off for the ball. Then he said the few boys with gloves ran back there as if they realized, "hey, we can catch the balls back here with these!"

They started hitting balls and the boys began fielding them.  Hill said they were having a blast.  The "sports director" of Dube Bute came over to Hill and said, "so, how do you score points?!"  Hill thought, wow....we are really going to do this.

He said he hit a ball, ran around all the bases, hopped on home plate and said "1 point"!! Then Wick showed them how to try to stop the runner by throwing the ball to get him out.  The thought of watching this is hilarious to me.

They broke for lunch and when they came back, they were ready to play.

Moody asked the Principal to pick the best 18 male students.  Moody and Wick took 9 into one classroom.  Hill and Steven Archer took the other 9 into one.  They handed them jerseys, ball caps and gloves.  They came up with team names and cheers.

Hill said they made a HUGE deal about calling the team out to the field and everyone cheered!!!  They proceeded to play a few innings of Americas favorite pastime!!

They knew our group were leaving for the last time but asked Moody, so can we play again tomorrow?? Moody said, you can play tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

I have tears writing proud of my boys for having an idea and implementing it.  Baseball is a huge part of our family.  We have family in Dube Bute.  It just makes sense they now can play the sport! They left all of the donated equipment with the PE teacher.  I pray this brings joy to them for years to come.

Kristin and Kurt got incredible footage, I imagine.  Can't wait to share.

I see a future baseball mission trip heading to Dube Bute........anyone interested?????


Coneymama said...

Awesome!!! Would love to be involved and bring Alex along ...would love to see him share his gifts in that way!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I also have tears just thinking of the Joy that was brought through the game of Baseball. Love your families heart!

Deena said...

I LOVE it!!!! I have a few baseball players that would love to go on your "baseball mission trip!"

Jen said...

I have tears too!!!! Love that for Hill and Wick.

Jenn Nahrstadt said...

emily, i was tearing up before i read your words that said you were tearing up too! great ministry and such generosity. something the boys there AND yours will never ever forget.

Heather said...

That is just so awesome!!!! Love that Hill and Wick thought of this! Cannot wait to see pics!!! Count us in on a baseball mission!!!

Lynn said...

I'm sure you could Aaron to go. What a neat story. I want to see the footage when you get back.

Anonymous said...

I played baseball for 22 years and have coached my son's teams for 7 years. I am now head coach of an 11U team for our Little League team in Fort Worth, TX. I have practice tomorrow night in preparation for an upcoming tournament. I think I'll read this to my team. Very cool story! I'm in the process of opening an indoor training facility. Once I get it open I may have to post this story on the wall. Man I love this game!

Kyle Davis
Fort Worth, TX

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