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amazing photographer
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 2 in Dube Bute

Moody said it was another glorious day in Dube Bute!  The team was able to begin to dig deeper with those in the kebele.  Our pastor Mark and his wife Sarah met with the church, pastors and elders.  They did some teaching (will teach more today) and discussed needs of the church, how to come along side them, etc.

A group met with the principal of the school to find out the issues and challenges facing him.  They have 1400 children registered for school.  Praise the Lord.  That does create some challenges though and again, we want to help them figure out how they can be sustainable long term!

The awesome dermatologist on the team saw patients as well as the oral surgeon.  They will be treating again today.

Moody and crew were able to spend a good amount of time with our family there!

They played games all day long with the kids and had a blast from what I hear. :)  Love that.

I don't have a recap of the Jesus film yet as a big storm was rolling in and they needed to get out with the bus before the roads weren't drivable.  Praying the rain didn't prevent them from showing the film.  Storms tend to roll in and out quickly.

They were going to do a full on baseball clinic for the kids today.  Simply can't wait to hear how that goes.  Super excited to see them in the cool little league jersey's gracious donated by the Southwest Arlington little league!

Here are pics from day 1.  Love that several donors were able to see first hand their wells.

 Kristin at her well! She is usually behind the camera......
 Happy children in a new school room
 Moody's parents graciously donated the vet clinic.  Certainly didn't know how the sign would read.  So not necessary.  Very kind.
 Most beautiful faces ever
 A very hospitable welcome, as always
 My parents donated an entire school block- 4 classrooms.  Love the sign
 Barbara's well.  Her granddaughter Abbi (Avery's best friend) with her.  Moody said incredible moment for everyone as getting there was a BIG hike!
 Such gorgeous creation!

 CAN.NOT.WAIT.TO.SEE.MY.MAN!!  So proud of his vision and leadership.
 Callie's well- love that a college student sold Hope for Dube Bute shirts and it provided water for so many.

Kimmie Jo
My first born celebrated his 16th on Wed.  Hated to not be there but love that they found a cake in Awassa

I'm off to pack up and head out.  Will post from Addis!  Thank you again for following along and praying.  


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