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amazing photographer
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

we have some winners!

We have some winners!!! Abe worked SO hard to draw names today, got tired and Eyasu came in and replaced him. Sweet those Ethiopian boys.

Congrats to the following winners:

1. Kristy - She is the beautiful mama to 9 blessings, 5 from Ethiopia.

2. Cheryl- A local friend that has been waiting with much grace for her Uganda blessings.

3. Amy Jo- Blogging friend that recently returned home with a precious boy from Ethiopia. She is missing everything she discovered there and I know her pain!

4. Our Family- Waiting for news for their Ethiopian adoption to start moving again as it has been on hold awhile. Longing to go get their daughter! Hope this helps a tiny bit. :)

5. Jen- Mom to one of Eyasu's bff's from Gladney! Don't even try to blame Abe for cheating!:)

6. Kristin- Precious family. Mama to 4 (two waiting for her in Ethiopia). They travel soon!! :)

7. Annie- Mama to 3 kiddos and now owns a necklace like her mama! :) Has a positive, encouraging blog, redcedar.

8. Sara B- I'm pretty sure she is fabulous! Didn't have a way to prove it without a blog, but trust me, I have good instincts!

To all the lucky winners--- email me a teamalexander at mac . com your address and I will get the necklaces in the mail asap. I would love to say tomorrow, but I might be lying. Things have a tendency to roll around in my car awhile before actually making it to the post office. Full disclosure here! I will make it a priority though, promise.

To those that didn't--- I feel your pain, I NEVER win anything! I won a book from Kari once and I promise that was like winning the lottery! This was fun though, so I will do it again soon. :)


The Fab 4 said...

I won a Kari book once , too, and I almost peed my pants. Totally okay, though. These mamas seem quite deserving!

missy said...

i already have the several strands, so i didn't enter but i love that you did this. i'm especially excited to have new blogs to stalk since you provided links. i laughed for a second to myself b/c i thought the 4th winner "our family" meant YOUR family. you wouldn't pick yourself to win a giveaway...but i might! :) love the pic of abe hard at work in picking the names.

Cheryl said...

I'm SO excited! I never win anything... and I happen to LOVE everything Ugandan! How FUN!

Thanks friend!

Kristi J said...

cutie boys..I want an ET cutie boy!! :) kj

Our Family said...

YAY!!!!!! So excited that I won! It does feel like winning the lottery. "Our family" is Shannon, Missy. It does sound funny when it's listed that way. Thank you, Emily, for brightening my week. I'll email you with my address. :)

Sydney said...

LOVE the pic of Abe on top!!

kristen said...

yay!! I never, how fun,and what's better than a ugandan necklace!!Thanks Emily!! Yep, I also thought it was your family that won..too funny!! then again,why would you sign yourself up?? Like missy said,I might have!! Thanks again kristen

Amy Jo said...

Ahhh!!! Thanks so much! No rush, I totally understand how busy your life is. :-) Oh, and thank those sweet "Etopian" boys of yours. :-) Sweet blessings, Amy Jo

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