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amazing photographer
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Monday, December 14, 2009

day 1

I realize that we have now been home for almost a month, but I want to document the trip as scrapbooking isn't my gifting. :)
We had a tearful goodbye at the house with the kiddos- they were excited for us to go get Eyasu, but sad we were leaving. I rocked Abe one last time to sleep and had a big ugly cry putting him down for his nap!
So the luggage was ready and we were off, minus one cute Issy! Our precious friend, Jamey, met us at the airport to send us off! She is such a gift- one true and faithful friend. Thank you for walking this with me and I can't wait to send you off to Ethiopia to get your kiddos one day soon. :) This is the pitiful picture we took of me on the plane ride over! I was terribly sick the entire flight. I had a HUGE carryon with several magazines, a new book and I was fired up to watch any and every movie shown-- I can't sleep on flights, sad but true. Well, needless to say the magazines and books stayed closed and I only partially watched one movie. Not the most pleasant way to fly around the world, but I was thankful it was the way over and not coming home! Thinking positively here. :)
We finally arrived in Addis and I was so happy to be back- it just felt like coming home. We were greeted by our sweet friends and the amazing Gladney staff.
Our fabulous driver, Yoftahe, took us straight to the Bejoe! I can't say enough about this home away from home. They do EVERYTHING to make your stay pleasant. We loved being here and would highly recommend any traveling families to stay there if possible. More on the Bejoe later.
All I wanted to do was go to sleep and wake up feeling better. Praise the Lord, I did!
Day 2- Meeting Eyasu.


Henley on the Horn said...

I can't believe you were so sick! Bless your heart. I know you are so enjoying Esayu as he gets to know his forever family.

The Albertsons said...

i'm excited to keep reading about your trip :). yay!

missy said...

it is so cool to be able to "re-live" it all with you...minus the sickness. can't wait for day 2!

Julie said...

Love love reading about your adventure. You guys are such inspiration to us! By the way, what does your shirt look like/say? It looks neat...just can't quite see it. :-)

Erica said...

So glad you weren't sick long! Can you send me info on the guest house?

Amy Jo said...

Emily!!! I'm so glad you posted a comment on my news about Mesfin. My laptop died a month ago, and I lost all my links - and an easy way to stay connected. I can't believe I missed your trip - BUT am thrilled to get caught up reading your blog.

Congratulations to YOU!!! Your new son is so precious. Loved the video and how excited he was to see you. God is SO good.

Praying for your precious family as you continue to get to know each other and settle in.

Sweet blessings & love,

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