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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

advent conspiracy

I am a big fan of advent conspiracy! I shared it on this here blog last year and somehow ended up doing much of what I said I wouldn't! We are doing it this year though. We are headed to Colorado for Christmas with my whole family and that is about it for the kids gifts this year. (For those possibly feeling a bit sad for them, there will be 9 cousins and skiing involved!)
They are surprisingly o.k with it so far! Occassionally one will mention the fact that they haven't started their list yet, or question how their gifts will get to Colorado and another will quickly jump in with, "remember, we aren't doing gifts this year!" and as I brace myself for wailing and moaning, it hasn't happened yet.
I guess they could have a complete melt down come Christmas morning or be in therapy in years to come, but I pray they really treasure the time spent with family and savor the true meaning of Christmas this year.


Tymm said...

Can I be one of your kids this Christmas? I'd trade any ole Christmas gift for a trip to CO for some snowboarding!

I think it's great what you guys are doing - and hopefully contagious!!

Ellen Enright said...

I love the video, and so so true. My parents began eliminatng presents when I was about 11, and my sister and I didn't mind it either. You've raised good kids!
I love your blog by the way. I'm a definite stalker! :)

Sara said...

Thanks for sharing this video. Our church is doing a series called Really? which is similar to this.

Kristin said...

We did this last year Em, up in Colorado too, and all of us agreed it was our best Christmas to date!! Love how your kids are learning things that it has taken me 30+ to learn!! You're a good mama!!
Can't wait to hear what Eyasu will think about LOTS of snow, instead of sprinkles!!

Kim said...

Emily...I posted the video on my FB. Love it! Long ago a wise mother advised us with child #1 to only do 3 presents...and not three "wow" presents. I remember struggling with that those first few years. Now with three kiddos and #4 coming from ET, I am thankful each year for that Mom's wise advice. My 11 yr old actually said he would go without anything this year to help our fundraising efforts for "Hope". I love his heart. Have a super time in Colo. They will remember this forever. They will forget their "stuff" by next year.

Jenn in GA said...

THANKS for posting that video. We are not doing gifts this year, because we are financially constrained like never before, but no one seems to be upset. I'm finding it a bit more challenging to figure out how to express love to my introverted 15 year old, and I realized this morning that giving him something has served as a copout because I couldn't figure out what would be really meaningful to him. I'm going to work on that puzzle. I'm spreading the word!

solas4me said...

We began to give small get-a-ways as our gift to our children last year...they begged us to do it again this year. The only thing they found around the tree Christmas morning was a box with a note about where we were going that day and a couple of games that would be part of the trip. Great memories!!

Tracy said...

love this-- used it last year, too. praying it takes root in our culture!

Seth is beyond yummy! He is so perfectly chosen for your awesome family!!

Tracy said...

love this-- used it last year, too. praying it takes root in our culture!

Seth is beyond yummy! He is so perfectly chosen for your awesome family!!

Jamie Jo said...

We do Cabo "instead" of Christmas every year and the kids are great with the "no" present thing. I kind of use their carry on backpacks as their "stockings" and stick some Christmas surprise in there every year. Its fun to have a different tradition instead of "give me! give me! give me!"

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

Thank you for sharing this again. I remember seeing it last year on your blog, but I was still in a bit of a fog with the two new girls! :-)
I blog robbed and put it on my blog as well.
Christmas Blessings to the Team Alexander!
Love, Kristy

Candy said...

Today I am an even bigger fan of Advent Conspiracy! Went to Northpark Mall and it was unbelievable!! Good news for the economy, but what in the world does this have to do with the Savior's coming?

I had to buy gloves for the family trip to Crested Butte. I have three pair with one glove each-- left hand!!


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