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amazing photographer
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

day 3

After a remarkably good nights sleep we woke up to a stirring boy. He was a little wide eyed at first and then ready for the day. He wanted his new clothes on- especially his converse tennis shoes. :) I guess Moody and I said "good morning" several times because he literally threw open the door to our room and pronounced "GOOD MORNING" very clearly to the guard. We were starting our day cracking up!
We headed upstairs to another fabulous breakfast courtesy of Marta. Eyasu was so happy to eat his eggs. We then were able to play around a little bit with the Breedloves and McKees and then everyone headed back to Gladney for a coffee ceremony.

I was nervous to how Eyasu would do going back so soon and had our fabulous driver, Yoftahe, explain that we were going back to visit but would return to the guest house later that day. He seemed ok with that plan as he had a huge grin on his face the entire drive!
Once we motored around the above herd of cattle, we made our way back to the transition centers. Eyasu was happy to get out and ran right to his special mother. Wow! These incredible women. They love these kids as their own, nurture, and prepare to leave. I was so overwhelmed knowing that she had cared for our Eyasu for over a year. She loved him and the love he had for her was evident as well. What sacrifice they make for these kids.
(Sidenote- Eyasu was a double orphan with his first mama passing away when he was only months old. More on that with our birth family visit, but just referencing the fact that this beautiful woman, cared for my son as his mama before I could get there! We will forever be grateful to her. Eyasu loves to look at her picture and say her name. I love that.)
In his traditional outfit given to him by his very special mother!
A very sad goodbye to a very special little friend. We are praising the Lord as she now has a forever family of her own. Eyasu loves talking about her.
I think Eyasu was known by all of the employees. Everyone at all the transition homes knew his name and wanted hugs and kisses good bye. He was happy to oblige. Again, I think indicitive of the incredible Gladney staff and the fact that he was there longer than normal.
Belay and his sister Genet. She runs the Bejoe guest house and is an impecable host. She makes your home away from home the very best! I highly recommend staying there if possible.
After our time at Gladney we headed to our sweet friend Fifi's new home. It is very close to the Gladney care centers and it was such a privilege to see her in her new place. Her kids are growing up so much. Eyasu played really well with his new buddies. It was so surreal being there, in Ethiopia, and watching our new son play with dear friends of ours. The Lord has a way of making the world so small sometimes. :)
This was Eyasu drinking his first Miranda. My kids loved these drinks when we were there picking up Abe and Eyasu's reaction wouldn't have disappointed them one bit. He had a huge grin on the whole time. We returned to the Bejoe and had several guests come to hang out with us. A neice of a fellow Orthodontist in town is there and we took her some things from her family. Courtney is a precious young lady, living in Addis, doing full time ministry. It was a blessing talking to her and hearing about her life in Ethiopia. I wish I had a picture of her.
Our friends Matt and Nikki Ness had their friend Alazar come visit and share what he has going on in Addis currently. It is always a gift to hear of those actively living out the gospel.
We ordered take out with the other Bejoe families and called it night! Great day, great day.


Kat said...

Awesome! I can't wait until we get to go back!

missy said...

you know what i love. when you adopt a child from ethiopia you feel that country is a part of you, of course. but with you all that sense is even stronger. looking at these pictures it is obvious that ethiopia is so much a part of you.

Kendra said...

Thank you thank you for sharing your story--we are in the beginnings of adopting and soo many things have come up even before we have an agency, a country, or an age picked out. And, of course, it is all worth it in the end. We have known we wanted a toddler and I couldn't stop crying when I saw your new little man. So grateful you are willing to share.

Holli said...

so impressed!!! keep them coming!!!

Anonymous said...

As an adoptive mom myslef, I have loved following your journey!

Just curious- are you calling him Eyasu or Seth? I thought I had a read an earlier post that referred to him as Seth, but the more recent posts have no mention of the name Seth at all.


Sara said...

We loved the Bejoe house too! Your newest son is so adorable (as are all your children). He has the greatest smile.

Cloverland Farm said...

ooh. i love reading about your trip! thanks for posting. our court date is monday!!! :)

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful posts about your trip! I have to tell you, I have been following your blog for a long time and can't believe how far my family has come since we first saw your blog last year...I met someone who told me about your blog because her daughter was shown in the (beautiful) video that you had posted about your meeting with Abe at KVI (before you had to take it off your blog:) I remember showing my husband your videos and talking for hours at a time about didn't look like he was going to be able to take the leap of faith, but, God really can move mountains and we just submitted our dossier and are waiting for our referral! You have been such an inspiration!!! About the time we started following your blog, I found out (through much internet research) that someone from my very own state of Wisconsin started an orphanage in thing I knew, I was sitting with Nikki Ness and learning more about Ethiopia from her. God's hand has been all over our adoption journey and I can't wait to see what is in store for us. We are hoping to adopt a preschool age girl. We just told our families that we were adopting and the first thing I did was show them the video of your homecoming last month! They were as touched as we were! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with others. I look forward to all of your posts and can't wait to learn even more from your beautiful family!
Please stop by and visit our blog if you have any time...I would love to be in touch...We are working with Arise to bring our little one home, so she may actually be at KVI was I type!!! :)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Tracy said...

love hearing all about your time in ET!--- dying to get back there! all the love for your family in ET is just leaping off the screen!

The Funkhouser Family said...

Beautiful pictures!

Amy Bottomly said...

Your Ethiopia trip posts are fun to read.. I love love the picture in the post below this of him looking adoringly at you while you gave him a bath. Such a sweet boy!

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