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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

back and a hospital visit

The week in Colorado was fabulous. Seriously, with 23 people under one roof, it had potential to be disastrous right? :) More on the trip next post. After being gone for 8 days, we came home, crashed and the next morning Moody, Abe and I headed to Cooks for a 24 hour EEG. We have been having more concerns about seizure activity with Abe and our new neurologist (guess I haven't shared that story yet, will another time) felt that he would really benefit from being monitored for a full 24 hours. He was curious to see if one of his sleep issues related to seizures.

Moody and I hated watching him have to get so many electrodes glued to his beautiful head of hair, he pretty much hated it too, but was a serious trooper. My mom came to the hospital to bring us dinner and then went home to be with the kids. Abey got a little sleep, but it was hard for mama with the bright lights on (so they could continue to video monitor) and the hourly visits from the nurse.

We will have the full report next will take that long to get the glue out of his hair! :)


Kat said...

I'm not sure I'd like stuff glued to my hair :)....even harder being a parent watching it. Praying for your sweet family!

Roeh Family Update said...

Oh Emily! I have that EXACT same picture with me and Rebecca from two weeks ago:) I so feel you on that test:)

Try this for the hair...let it SOAK in baby oil for about 15 min adn then run a comb will slide right out. We only did about 5 EEGs before finally a tech told us about it:) We must get together in this new year!

Mike & Corrie said...

Ohhh Emily, poor little guy. Praying they were able to get lots of good info from this visit. Thinking of ya'll and glad you had a fabulous Christmas in Colorado!!

Sarah said...

hoping for nothing but good reports:)

Ellen said...

Oh, I was wondering what the white stuff was in his hair. :-)

Love that boy!

Kristi J said...

oh what a sweet angel asleep..i love that pic :) praying, kj

Ladybugs appear said...

many prayers for all of you. he is beautiful.

Leah said...

Hope everything turns out okay.

Tracy said...

That precious baby!! Praying for wonderful reports!

Melissa said...

So proud of that boy and his trooper momma! Have loved getting caught up on the trip to Ethiopia. Beautiful story of the Lord's handiwork.

coffeemom said...

Hang in there! The glue takes awhile to get ALL the way out. We've done this one too. But ours was a home version (Sbird was a little older) that we ported around. Very weird but helpful. Hope you get good info!

Kari said...

Emily- thank you for continuing to share your heart & how we can pray for your family. Abe is sooo precious- I miss holding him. I hope you got all the glue out.. your sense of humor with craziness is amazing! Please keep us updated!
love you

Lori said...

Oh my gosh... I just love you guys. I love that you keep striving like the survivors/God seekers that you ARE.

Keep it up! Can't wait to hear the results and talk to you soon, hopefully.

Love you, lor

Elizabeth G said...

If you need a good neuro or epileptologist, I have awesome ones at Children's in Dallas. At Children's they have infared on their cameras so you can turn the lights off at night, a good thing with how many we've had!

My almost 5 month old Hannah is on the Ketetogenic diet with AWESOME success! In November she was having 24 seizures a day, now that we're on the diet, she's had one in the last seven days! We're starting to wean off her meds too, which did nothing for her. I really believe the diet (by the grace of God) will cure her epilepsy, and since she's been in higher ketosis, she's starting to develop as well.

As far as the glue, Hannah's always picked out easier after a warm bath, though I'll have to try the baby oil next time. I'll email you in case you want to compare notes or resources sometime.

Zan said...

Praying for your sweet boy.

The Andersons said...

As a native Coloradan, I'd give anything to be there on the slopes for Christmas.

We continue to pray for your family! Happy New Year to you!

da momma said...

Elijah had 2 seizures in 2007 and we spent a week at Cooks with those stinkin things glued to his head - so so sad!! and yes baby oil helps! Praying for yall!

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