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amazing photographer
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Colorado Christmas

Have you met the beast? This is my ride - yes, I drive a church van. It does have 6 wheels, a dually as some say. Still not sure if that makes it better or worse. :) Honestly would have thought you were crazy if years ago you told me that I would have 6 kids and drive a BIG van. Just evidence that the Lord transforms our hearts in many ways. I love it, really I do.
My amazing husband drove the beast with the 4 older kids to Colorado and I got to fly with the 2 little boys. Some may call me a Princess, but really I was simply taking one for the team so no one had to hear sweet Abe fuss for 18 hours. :)
Everyone all packed up and ready to go.
Sweet boy still didn't understand that he wasn't going on this beep beep ride! :(
We had a blast with everyone- 23 in all under one roof and it worked. It was crazy at times, but simply spending time with family was priceless. I only pulled the camera out a few times, so many people are missing. Hope to get more pics from others (hint, hint) soon.
Crazy cousins in the snow!
Half of my crew on a chair lift! So much fun skiing with your kids. :)
Seth doing a little dancing.
Abe loving the entertainment!
Issy and Olivia Christmas morning
Nanny and Abe
My honey and I sporting new robes!
Dea in his awesome hat
Seth with Travis
Avery and one happy boy

Mel and Sadie


The Funkhouser Family said...

Those are beautiful pictures. You have such a beautiful and loving family. Happy
New Year!

The Albertsons said...

that van is HOT emily. hot hot hot! (I do think you should have a logo painted on the side though... something like "adoption rocks! I'm cool!" :))
so glad you enjoyed your ski time... my favorite thing to do!!!
happy new year!

Kim said...

Awesome photos. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas and looks like everyone is experiencing the joy of the season!
Love the van ... you and Suzanne are setting a new trend in suburban transportation!
We enjoyed lunch after church with Team Hilliard! Have I thanked you lately for the introduction? We adore them and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Island ECC.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Misty said...

what awesome fun times it looks like you ALL had!!! fun memories :O)

Diane Larson said...

Hey,I would love to know where you all stayed. Someday I would love for my family to try something like that. Though there would only be 15 of us. Also, if you get a minute some day we would love that picture of T. Things are going much slower than we would like. Thanks and have a great 2010!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the videos! :) So I take it you got the new camera? And I barely recognized he grew. We are back in a few weeks so let's hang! Happy, happy new year!

Holli said...

I grew up with a van like that and lets just say it keeps you humble! haha! LOVE THE NEW RIDE!!! In England we don't can it a "church van" but AMERICAN Lorry or Semi!:)
Merry Christmas! Looks like an amazing time!!!

Jen said...

WE love this post. Bella watched Seth in his video. So glad you are home, though. Miss talking to you.

Calmil2 said...

Wow, that place looks amazing!!! I need to talk my family into doing that. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

J Gutwein said...

So special Emily! Love, J

'becca said...

SO fun!! Thanks for sharing. big snowy hugs from MO where the snow keeps falling (no school tomorrow - yea).

TJ Wilson said...

Em- you did it! so glad it was a fantastic trip... and hoping Abe's hair is glue-free at this point.
btw, my family's van growing up totally trumps yours - very funny memories.

Beth said...

With our two new boys we are also now the proud new owners of a passenger van. It is kind-of crazy that now we refer to the suv, big van. and the little van (the minivan), like that is a normal make-up of household transportation. Technically we can all fit in the minivan, but with 6 kids 7 and under it sure is nice to have to be able to seat them two to a row that way we can maintain what I call "the buffer zone". Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Will be in prayer for Abe's test results.

Lori said...

I just love your family! That is all I can say! God Bless...xox

Melissa said...

It was so fun to be together!!! And that van can climb some icy hills.

missy said...

your colorado trip looks like so much fun. obviously a lot of love in your family. LOVE the beast. it's definitely not sexy, but i love that you can fit your beautiful family in it.

Anonymous said...

Wow- looks like an absolutel blast. Isn't fam the best?!?!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww!!! Love your family! The van is cool... Such lovely memories!

Oatsvall Team said...

what a beautiful picture sister ... can't wait to show Jeremiah the video of Abe ... love the van ... did i tell you we got a 12 passenger van ... church bus family in TN too ... got all my cool stickers on it and pimpin some super cool rims !!!

love ya

jenny said...

You have such a beautiful family, Emily....looks like your trip was wonderful. I have a brother that lives in Denver and it is so gorgeous out there. My husband would move there in a heartbeat. We've stayed in their friend's mountain house in Frisco and it is breathtaking. Praying for Abe too and your test results.

Jenny C.

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