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Friday, October 10, 2008


I was tagged by Diane.

Here it goes---and remember that I am sleep deprived! :)

1. I am pretty laid back about most things but super rigid with time.  I don't like to be late anywhere!  Drives Moody crazy. :)
2. I put peanut M&M's in my popcorn at the movies- yummy!
3. Need my coffee before my day can officially begin.  Really enjoy my Gobena beans. :)
4. Am not organized at all, but am in the fantasy land that I dream about sometimes.
5. Come from a really competitive family!  We could make anything a competition- may have carried some of that over to my family.  
6. At a party, I would rather have deep and meaningful conversation with just a few people instead of small talk with the whole crowd.
7. I won't listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving!!

That's it!  There you go.  You may be asleep by now- now that sounds like a great idea!

I tag:
3. Abby


Ellen said...

I can totally identify with #4. :)

Jocelyn said...

I LOVE M & M's in my that can't be weird:-)

Kristi J said... the KRisti me?? or do you have other Kristi friends in blog land??? let me know and I'll do it...good luck ever getting Kelly to do it...she's awful with stuff like that (: I'm also obsessed with being on time...I am completely disorganized too but must be on time..too funny...I drive Kelly crazy because she's always late, kristi

Kristi J said... I'm a little slow...I saw that there was a link to now I have to figure out how to do do you add links to someone's blog??? I"m so computer behind in this world...I'll figure it out if you're asleep (: I'm getting to work on it...the hubby is watching a movie so I have a minute or two, kristi

Jen said...

I loved your 7. Have a wonderful weekend. This weekend, I might try popcorn and M&Ms... sounds great.

Kelley said...

Joey, Annie & I are cracking up about your 7 random things because I could have written them! We are very much alike! I sit here with my coffee in hand at the moment as I write this before I can actually face the day! Love you. Kel

Lori said...

You're a freak, more than I even thought!!! :)

Diane Larson said...

I agree about the Christmas music, but I put Junior Mints in my popcorn. Thanks for "playing".

Candy said...

The genes are pretty strong. These traits first went to the firstborn daughter and then on to the baby. I could have written the list as well! However, I give the nod to you and Dad as the hyper-competitive in the fam.
Love you,

Heidi said...

Thanks again for the packing list!

I can so, SO relate to #6. And wish I could relate with #2 (sounds delicious)...but my son has a deathly allergy to Peanuts!

Melissa said...

I sure wish I'd known some of this stuff before I married into this creepy family.
Love you. Freak.

Wendi said...

Love these little tidbits...I'm up way to late, but have been striving to catch up on blogs, facebook and such, since precious Thomas has put me WAY behind :-) as for #1 - I also hate being late, but I still always am :-)
#2 - I have GOT to try that - I do love salty and sweet together
#3 - my morning vice is Iced Tea, but I do love those fair trade organic cofee beans mmmmm
#4 - Oh yeah...Just spent 6 days trying to get 1 room together - nutso!
#6 & #7 are me exactly - so weird!

Oatsvall Team said...

oh Gertie I love you !!!! I can get you organized if you would just move here ... does that sound like a plan?

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