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amazing photographer

amazing photographer
.......she captured our trip on film

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Monday, December 10, 2007

photo tour

The weekend was amazing. We were very blessed to see Washington D.C in such a unique way. We are tired, and I have several specifics that I want to share. Until then, enjoy these photos.

All 11 grandkids on Nanny and Bunty's bed in their White House bedroom!

Moody, The First Lady and myself :)

The boys with one of their heroes, Nolan Ryan

The whole crew

In the buffet line- that is my sister, Kelley, Issy, and yes- The President

The family by the official White House Christmas tree


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

That is so much FUN!!! I can't believe you have a picture with Laura.....that is such a huge memory for your kiddos. Be praying for us tomorrow Emily.....for a miracle.


Anonymous said...

So stinkin cool! Rubbing elbows with the President! Do the doggies miss me yet??? :)

--Love how Issy holds her bag like a football...she will learn one day...

Love you guys!

Keva said...

WHAAAT! You have to explain this! Don't be coy and have to tell.

I am praying for you friend. I hope you hear something very soon.

MissHannah said...

Love the pictures...I can't wait to hear stories. It is so cool that you were all together and all snazzed up. You all look fabulous!

Jana said...

sooo fun and unforgettable!

-Gurske Adoption- said...

WOW how proper! I would have had butterflies in my gut :-). That Christmas tree is GIGANTIC! Your family is soooo beautiful, I'm glad you had an amazing trip.

I never thought about us all traveling together....HOW GREAT would that be?? Fingers crossed!

Kate said...

So cool! Would love to hear more about it :)Everybody looks so good!!

Ellen said...

The picture of you with the President didn't impress me nearly as much as the one of Issy with her hair combed and carrying a purse! :) Your last picture is certainly Christmas card worthy!

steffany said...

That's awesome!

The Hausams said...

CAPITAL "C" C-O-O-L! What an incredible treat! I can hardly wait to hear all about it.

Melissa said...

Easy for you to call me a chicken, the sniper saw my face and had CRAZY eyes.
It was so fun, I'm thinking about going back next weekend.

S. said...

I found your blog through your SIL, who I found through the Fournet's, who I found through Jessica Griege (friend from college). Anyway, I am praying you get your referral soon. We came very close to switching to Ethiopia, and would have also used WHFC (maybe we still will one day!). Your children are beautiful!
p.s. I am stealing your verse about peace for my blog--I need it during this wait!

The Fournet Family said...

Sounds like an amazing experience. What wonderful memories for you all!

TedTracie said...

OH MY... now... I am wondering how you got there :-) Who lives in the white house and you all were sitting on their bed?

I e-mailed you a while back. It's so crazy that you live in Arlington. I used to live right off of 360. My husband was on staff at a church in the DFW area and we moved to TN to church plant. We lived in TX all our days and here we are in East TN. Once a Texan, always a Texan. (But I do love Tennessee)

Mrs. Baker said...

boThank you so much for the great comment. I would love for you to post our story! I love the family pics!!!!

Jennifer said...

What an incredible opportunity for you and your family. That must have been a nice way to take your mind off of the wait!

Brandi said...

Amazing! I came by from Steffany's blog . . .you definitely win! Coolest post!


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