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amazing photographer
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

do they know it's Christmas time?

I was driving with the kids the other day and this song came on the radio. It was my first time to hear it this Christmas season. As I was trying to explain the significance of the song, I was overcome with emotion. My Seth and my Addison are there, Do THEY know it is Christmas? Are THEY hungry?

Tears were streaming down my face as I told the kids that this was a song recorded because of the Ethiopian famine.

It was recorded in 1984 by the organizers of Band Aid. It is funny to watch and see the big hair of the 80's, but it is also heartbreaking to think about all of the kids that still suffer from starvation and disease this Christmas season.

Lord, please let Seth and Addie know of you, of your birth, and of your redemptive love for them. Keep watch over them, protect them, and comfort them until we can go get them!


Lori said...

Bravo!! That was a trip to watch!

Am I not remembering an older post, or did you just decide to share your babes' names with us?!

They are great names, very strong and pretty....

Annette said...

Oh Em, your post just made me weep for your babies! This is the first time I have prayed for them by name. I know that God's hands are upon them. He is so good to bring them to your family...the message of Christmas is surely already being stamped upon their little hearts.

TedTracie said...

I totally remember that song!

Sweet... I hope your Addie is as spunky as mine... but prepare youself.

Hey... did you get my e-mail today?

Ellen said...

Is that the "feed the world" song that comes on the radio all the time?? Next Christmas you'll be snuggled up with your babies!

The Fournet Family said...

Next time...I'll have to listen the song with eyes closed. I kept laughing at the hair and clothes watching the video:)

Melissa said...

Ugh. I'm sitting in the airport crying over my blackberry. The Lord our God is with them. He is mighty to save. He quiets them with his love, He rejoices over them with singing. Love you!

The Hausams said...

Oh, I feel your mama-heart, Emily! That song has had a fresh meaning for me this year, too, but I have the luxury of having our Ray Ray HOME with us... I hate that you are still waiting. Know that I am praying for safety and warm love from a special surrogate for precious Addy & Seth until YOU can hold them in your arms. No matter what, they are in the LORD'S arms right now, and He loves them immeasurably! What JOY is just around the bend for you, Emily... All Heaven will rejoice! Stay encouraged, my friend. He is WITH you!

Anonymous said...

God knows every hair on their head...every memory, every day, every minute, He is preparing them for you guys...and preparing you guys for them.

I love you!

Kate said...

this was so sweet to read! I cant imagine the feeling of waiting like you are, but I do know that God is faithful!! Love you and cant wait to meet them :)

Eric & Tara said...

I hear and sing along to that song all the time, but I have honestly never actualy listened to the words and payed it much attention...but man, I do now. Tears are just streaming down my face as think of not only my sweet Malak but also all of the other millions of children in Ethiopia who don't have families waiting for truly breaks my heart and I just wish I knew what else I am supposed to do to help them!


as always you give my spirit something to think about and will begin praying for sweet Seth/Addie by name ... I am not feeling in the Christmas spirit this year as I think on all the children in the world in need of love ... I will have to rest in knowing God watches over them ...
Merry Christmas to your sweet family!

Keva said...

I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you this week(meaning the week of Christmas, that is around the corner) I know it will be a wonderful Christmas, but I know because we feel it too that it is not quite complete w/o our kids. You have become such a dear friend even though we have never met. I know our God hears our prayers and will in His sovereignty answer them.


Anonymous said...

I guess I was really behind because I had no idea that you have names! Seth and Addison! I LOVE those names!

The video was great, it was really sweet. I just love Bono.

I hope ours kids can comfort each other when they go to HH....


Rebecca said...

I love Seth and Addie!! I don't think I realized you had picked out names yet...maybe you just now shared them with the blogging world!!

It is very emotional to think about where our children are right now, and how/if they are being taken care of. Not only our children though...but, everyone! Such an emotional time of year. I'm hoping you get your referral tomorrow! It seems like it should be any day now!

carleigh said...

i don't know if you remember me or not, but i worked for moody in high school. i saw your blog on kate's blog, and was so excited to see what you are up to. your kids are beautiful... i think the last time i saw you hill was just a baby. i have a picture of him and i when i babysat one night. i guess he was about 9 or 10 months old. please tell moody and dr. a i said hi, and i am so excited to keep up your adoption endeavor. i think it is just awesome!

TedTracie said...

I loved getting to talk to you tonight! How cool is it that God ordained for us to know one another in 2007. I'm thankful!

You are precious!

So excited to watch this journey unfold for your family. I'm excited about Seth and Addie. Praying with you in the wait.

Tracie in TN

suzanne mayernick said...

wow! i just LOVE that our sweet Saviour enjoys "details" It is truly all the little details along the way that makeup YOUR story. What a fun trip for your family! I'm so proud of you for talking to your kids about the details, because their faith walk will be strengthened by them (so will yours!)praying for your referral, the Lord has hand picked em!!!
happy new year!

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