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amazing photographer
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

wedding fun

Our family had a blast last night at Misty's wedding. Misty is one of Moody's faithful employees. She is a clinical assistant and is wonderful with the patients. My kids love Misty. They have been so excited about her wedding and even more excited about dressing up for the wedding. My boys think "dressing up" is wearing the Under Armour shorts without a stain on them. We often argue over shirts being tucked in on Sunday for church and then somehow the boys decided they wanted to wear suits to the wedding? They didn't own suits though......thankfully Jessica was sweet and braved the mall with me (I'm not a big fan) and helped me get clothes for all 4.

Dad was in Brasil remember?- he tends to be the authority on fashion, but I think we did ok on our own.

The girls were easy-- they each found really cute, comfortable dresses at the first store! (Issy, the sweet 6 year old girl that despises dresses, found one with zero complaints!) The boys, not so much! They each had definite opinions as to color of the suit (really dark), shirt (Hill pink, Wick blue) and tie. Thankfully we found some REALLY good deals at Dillards and J.C Penny and the boys eventually got outfitted. No thanks to the lack of customer service we received at the store that starts with a D! Unbelivable actually, not worth going into though. We did have a very helpful fellow at JC Penny's help with Hill's ensemble.

I was so proud last night! They looked so beautiful, handsome and grown up. They didn't complain one time all night about their new dress shoes or itchy shirts-- they just had fun at the wedding.

Blessings to Misty and Jon as they begin their new life together:)

We are such a casual family- it is fun to have a picture of us in our "Wedding Best"!


Anonymous said...

Awwwweee! Glad I got to go and pick out the boys pimped out suits :)

Misty said...

omgoodness!!! you are SO quick on the blog!! :O) well, i will take this time to tell the world (of blogging) all about how everyone felt about the Alexander family!!
1. everyone thought Dr. Moody and Emily were so nice, good-looking, and thoughtful!
2. The kiddos were all "well-behaved" and adorable! everyone loved them!
3. Someone in my family (who shall remain nameless--wink) thinks Emily's hubby is HOT! :O)

I just want to say how much it meant to me and Jon that ya'll ALL came, stayed until the very very end, danced, announced the new couple to the patiently awaiting guests, and that it was such a big deal to the kids to dress up so nicely! i love you guys, cannot WAIT to see all the pictures!! Hill, Wick, Ave, Issy---you all looked so handsome/beautiful last night! XO to all of you! I hope the cake was worth the wait. I'm sure i have about 10 pounds of it in my refridgerator and i'll be glad to share it with you!! thanks Jess for helping with the shopping, i will never forget the stories i heard about them wanting to pick out what they were going to wear! Em, the comment about the under armor shirt with no stain cracked me up!!! see ya'll soon.


i have been catching up on you all today ... hope the wait is not getting to you ... i am struggling here, but am clinging to Habk 2:2-3..check in with ya soon !!!

Lori said...

Hi guys - I love your blog and your family looks wonderful! I'm thrilled to hear that we're very close together in status/time frame and have added your site to our blog - feel free to do the same if you'd like! This whole process has been so much easier on me because of the ability to read other stories like yours. Can you imagine what adoption was like before computer!! :0

Anyway - I'll be checking on you guys often for updates... What's your "application date"? Ours is August 27th - We requested a child 9-24 months of either gender. So, they're estimating 1-6 months wait. The weekly updates from them are very helpful!

God Bless-
Lori- NH

Keva said...

One of the must beautiful families, I know. It is amazing how well you feel you know someone just through words on a page. But I can always feel your geneousness about the Lord when you write and you speak so beautifully about your family. I can feel the love ooz! Just beautiful inside and out!

Okay I said beautiful 3 times but I meant it each time(:

So let's begin and another week of waiting and hopefully we begin refreshed through God's Word this morning, whatever it may have been, deferent for both I'm sure but God's Word none the less. It is a powerful thing!!!

Shawn and Jami said...

what a sweet and handsome family! looking forward to seeing you again. hey, found a new restaurant to try and there is an Ethiopian Orthodox Church nearby that is supposed to be amazing. talked to the fundies and they are interested.

The Hausams said...

GORGEOUS! You all look fantastic! I have to wrestle my kids to the ground and threaten to bite to get them dressed so nicely and stay that way for 5 whole minutes, but it's so worth it, right? What a great shot!

Kate said...

dude...yall have some people leaving seriously long comments! :) Last night was fun :)

The Breedlove family said...

What a beautiful family you have! Amy

Jana said...

awfully good-lookin'!

Katy said...

You already have 10 comments. You're big tie!
Wedding was a good time, do we know anyone else? :-)

Candy said...

I want this pic for my refrigerator.
The ones up now are from last year and everyone (except mom and dad) has changed!! What a beautiful family--
inside and out. Bunty and I look forward to the continuing Ethiopian adventure. We love you all!!

Melissa said...

FABULOUS! Ya'll are so awesome and I'm a little jealous because you already have your Christmas card pic.
Love you!

Annette said...

You guys look amazing!


vicki said...

I wanted to thank all of you for sharing Misty and Jon's special day. A special thank you Dr. Moody for announcing the new couple to the crowd.
Your family is one in a billion.
Such a beautiful family that has a heart of gold. Your children are such well behaved and so adorable. I know that your entire family is looking forward for the day that the new children arrive into your world. They will be so blessed and so lucky to have such a warm and caring family to show them that life is beautiful.
Misty thinks of you as her second family. It's nice to know that my baby girl has such a caring family that also just happens to be her employer. She knows how fortunate she is.
I just had to send this small Thank You and let you know how much I admire all of you.

Jennifer said...

Wow! You have such a beautiful family.

CrazyD said...

I love the family photo and look forward to the day that you will be able to post a picture of your expanded family.


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