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amazing photographer
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Sunday, September 2, 2007


A few posts back I told you that I had a faithful hubby-- well he is also very thoughtful! He had the priviledge to go teach to several hundred orthodontists in Brazil this past week. He worked very hard on his lecture and I know he did an awesome job.

It just so happened that he left on the second day of school and would be gone a whole week! On the first day that he was gone, I received these beautiful flowers. (He is really good at sending flowers for various occasions- I'm sorry, just because, congrats on finishing dossier, etc.) The flowers had a really sweet card that said, "By the time these lose their luster, I will be home. Thanks for carrying the load. I love you, Moody" Ok, small disclaimer. He is very romantic, but he did get help with the card. Apparently he has become buddies with the flower guy at Twigs. When asked what he wanted written on the card, Moody said "I will be home before these die" or something and the flower man wasn't going to write that-- so Moody gave him permission to be creative. I love it, love them, love him and love that my husband is now on his way home!!

Thank you Jess, mom, dad, and Hill family for helping to make the week fly by!!! Ok, it didn't "fly" by but it didn't creep along either. I don't like it when my man is out-of-town--


Misty said...

awwww!! :O) i'm glad he's home too (or coming home today??). i know how it is when "your man" is gone, having experienced that with Jon working in the oil field!! "well, i'm not gonna come home tonight. gotta stay out on location." "they're sending me to frac school in houston. i'll be gone a week." "gotta go to oklahoma for the weekend..." ok you get the idea lol! had fun last week hangin out for like that whole hour... :O) can't wait to see you all at my wedding!! be prepared to take pictures hehehe

Kate said...

awwww, this was a good one! Glas your man is back :)

Kate said...

wait, I meant 'glaD'. I do know how to spell despite evidence to the contrary :)

Anonymous said...

Had tons of fun with you guys! Glad he's back! Now....we need to talk about this show "Survivorman"......

Melissa said...

How ironic! Trey did the SAME thing last week! :)

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