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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

do i make myself clear?...crystal.

My sweet nanotechnology lovin' mama brought it to my attention that I might not have been crystal clear on a previous post. The "are you in" contest will see one lucky winner receive a crisp $20 bill! My mom thought it was a requirement to put $20 in the pot to guess and then the winner would take all--- that is not a bad idea-- but not the game! (she was sweet to guess anyways!)

So- if you still want a chance to win and were leery of the entry fee-- go ahead and join the game. If you thought you were sending some cold hard cash to play-- go ahead, no not really....

Bonus points if you can name the movie quote from the title..


Anonymous said...

Is this how I respond to your comment? I haven't broken the news to him yet- thought maybe next time it was brought up. He was just so proud :) I am having trouble putting a video on my blog- any secret to it?

Anonymous said...

"A Few Good Men"
We choose 2 dates: Dec 13 and Feb 13 for Natalie and Joseph's birthdays. Martha

The Hausams said...

Isn't that also in "My Cousin Vinnie"?

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