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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my kids homeland

Please take a few minutes to discover my kiddos beautiful birth country. This is a slide show done by one of the Wide Horizon social workers on a recent trip to Ethiopia. The beginning is the amazing countryside, then it shows the love and care the kids receive from the nannies at Horizon House, and finally is shows a travel group picking up their kids. It is really exciting to think that we will be in a travel group, seeing these things firsthand!

There are many pictures, but you can go through them quickly if you hit the forward arrow on your computer. Imagine the Alexander family there, and pray for all of the kids that are currently awaiting the courts to reopen so their parents can come get them!


Keva said...

I have to say that I am completely bumbed we are not using the same agency, because we will not get to travel together(if there ever was a glimmer of hope of this in the first place). I just discovered this the other day and I felt like a balloon deflating. Well, I can look on the bright side and hope for the fact that we could be in-country together at the same...I will be optimistic.

Lori said...

Amazing pictures of an amazing country! I cannot wait for our journey there too!

Anonymous said...

I didn't go to it, but believe it's the same one you showed me the other night?? It is beautiful! The people, the land, the everything! I'm sooo blessed beyond measure to be able to experience this with a family I love so dearly! (makes me cry....)

Katy said...

I emailed you the pic!! I love it!!!

Misty said...

Ok, I looked at some pics on there and the ones of the little children running through the field was precious to me! made me a little weepy! precious children, precious people. the country is beautiful, i love the trees that are in lots of the pics. I am so excited for ya'll and praying for the new Alexander children. I can't wait to meet them! Love ya'll!

Annette said...

How beautiful each child is. Makes you want to know their story. Makes you want to hug each one.

Jana said...

These are really beautiful, Emily! So, some of those kids could be YOURS, right?

I really love the potty shots. :)

emily said...

Jana, my understanding is that all of these kids have been adopted. I think many were part of the travel group that you see. The parents had to agree to have the pictures up b/c it is on WHFC's Ethiopia homepage, so it is public.

They are so beautiful and make me long to see the faces of my own. Many of the kids come from the region in the first part of the slideshow- I hope to travel there when we go! We will if they are from this region as everyone does a birth relative visit:) The precious kids running around with ragged clothes must still live with family members.

Keva said...

Seven! That is so awesome that you are getting to bring the kids. Okay, so here is what we opted for; Shots-polio;HepA booster;moningococcal;
Oral-typhoid; malaria.

It cost $300ea. Hope this helps.


i am speechless ... those were amazing pictures !!! and to see the faces of new forever families is a blessing on my day ... i just added your family as my #19 on the prayer list ... can't wait to see the picture of your family in Ethiopia with your new children !!!!

Anonymous said...

You are the farthest thing from plain! You are one of the hottest girls I know! :) By the way...can I keep him?? ( the boy holding the swords) cutie! You will probably get so sick of me saying that about every orphan when we are there... :) Can't wait to meet the children our Lord already has picked and planned for you

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