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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a long way gone: memoirs of a boy soldier

If you haven't read this book- I highly recommend it. It isn't easy to read, but necessary for us to realize that these things are still happening in Africa. Watch this clip from the writer of the book. It is an absolute miracle!


Chuck and Jenny said...

Emily, I saw this book at Starbuck's a month or so ago. It's definately on my mental list of books I want to read. Maybe I'll get it for the plane trip. I watched about 1/2 of the video but didn't get a chance to finish it yet. I can't imagine that kind of life...

Misty said...

I thought about ya'll last night. I was watching tlc and there was a show about a boy with a deformity of the head, he was from Uganda (i think). I just saw the last part of it. Apparently a Dr. from Dallas flew him from there to here and performed a life changing surgery on his little head. He had always been made fun of in his tribe, ostricised from school even, due to his deformity. When he saw his new face for the first time (i think he was 7 years old) I thought I saw tears in his eyes. It really touched my heart and brought tears to MY eyes! Anyway, not real sure where I'm going with this story. It just deals with how a Dr. from Dallas had such an impact on this child's life and made it better. I guess I relate that to ya'll because this will be something that your family will be doing for other children too. I am praying for ya'll, and for the new Alexander children's arrival!

Anonymous said...

Is he officially single???!!

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