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Monday, July 30, 2007


Meet the newest member of the Alexander team----Charlie!! He is an 8 week old Malti-poo puppy. He is precious and no, we aren't crazy. I have one sister-in-law that was ready to sign us up for therapy and one that felt a need to remind me that we are in fact in the process of an international adoption! I love them both dearly and am thankful that they feel freedom to express themselves so openly:)

The story of how Charlie became an Alexander involves an eight year old girl and her daddy......a daddy that wanted his daughter to continue with dance, and then a classic parenting strategy--- bribery!! For those that don't know- we already have two large dogs. Tibbi, an almost 10 year old Vizsla and an 8 month old Vizsla/Weimeraner mix, Mo. We won't be adding anymore pets to our house--just kids:)

We are still waiting on our CIS approval. Charlie sure is cute and makes the waiting somewhat easier. The picture below is one happy daughter that we all can't wait to see in her dance recital.

This is Mocha- our Christmas morning surprise puppy.

Mo is so unbelievably patient with Charlie. This is Charlie eating Mo's food.

This is Tibbi. He is old and very happy Mo has a new friend!


Misty said...

AWWWWWWWWWW so cute!! :O) love the story about the daddy and classic strategy of bribery LOL! can't wait to meet this new addition, and still praying each day for that paper to arrive! love ya'll!

Stacie said...

They're all adorable! And, no you're not crazy - you all just have a lot of love to give! (At least that's what I tell people about our three dogs :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Charlie...If Avery gets sick of waking up with know where he can visit :) Tobey can't wait to play!!!

Kate said...

SO cute! Reesie loves her some Mo-Mo!! I cant wait to see averys dance recital either...Ill be there! She is so old and so pretty....just yesterday she was a day old and I was holding her in the hospital. Such sweet memories...Ave is why skip wanted a girl so bad :)

Anonymous said...

Your daughter. is so. CUTE.

What a sweetie!


Jana said...

ooooh, I love vizlas! I think I spelled that wrong. Anyway, my parents have a weimeraner. He is the sweetest thing.

Rebecca said...

How sweet is Charlie? So cute! I don't think you're can train a puppy while you're waiting on the baby! :) It will definitely take up your time!

Katy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlie!! Can't wait to meet him!!! Maybe he can have a cupcake?!?!!?

Misty said...

I LOVE the new pics! the last time i looked here there were none of Mo or Tibbi. Sweet Tibbi! I love that dog. He is so sweet. and Mo is too, he's like Tibbi after a few too many red bulls. :O) just sayin, he's got a lot of energy! I hope to meet Charlie on Sat night! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!

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