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amazing photographer
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Monday, July 2, 2007

great book!

This is one amazing book. It literally changed me! I don't say that about many things (certainly books). Truth be told- I am not a huge reader, doesn't go with the whole homeschooling image, I know!! I just haven't had much time to read honestly- having 4 kids in 5 years and then trying to meet their needs, etc. didn't allow much time for reading. Another disclaimer- I did somehow find time to watch every episode of 24, Greys Anatomy and American Idol!! Ok- I am really throwing the homeschooling thing under the bus here, but I do LOVE to read a good book when given the opportunity--like when my hubby and I go away for some alone time to some place sunny and free of kiddos:)
I highly recommend this book-- it will definitely make you think about your life and how you are living it!!
Happy reading. Oh and be ready for another good cry!!


Kate said...

love this! So funny! Thats me too as you well know..."I dont have enought time" yet Im pretty sure my tivo is pretty full most of the time! Seriously though, Im gonna read this book. It looks good. Maybe suggest it for our book club. And something to add to jess' post...That 'no' mom also has a few 'wockin' songs on herw ipod and Im fattew than herw! :) She sounds pretty stinkin awesome to me :)

Jana said...

oh yes. i pretty much sobbed through that book.

we think a thursday could work for dinner sometime. M. is working at a bookstore and sometimes they stay open til late on Thurs, so he would just need to make sure he got off. I bet Jami would love to come, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok..still haven't finished the book I borrowed from you but I will!!! It's really good so far! See you Saturday! Happy 4th!!!

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