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amazing photographer
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SO encouraged

We got the following email from Daniel (next to Moody in the white jacket).  Daniel is currently studying at the University and grew up in Dube Bute.  It is our understanding that he is the only student currently (maybe ever) to have left the Kebele to study at the University in Awassa.  That will change once they are all able to get a quality education!!

Words can not describe the joy his words bring to my heart.  Can you see it?? This email is written to everyone that has contributed to helping bring HOPE TO DUBE BUTE.
Dear brother Moody,
   Every thing is good with us. Since last week, contraction materials has been transporting to Dobe butte and first stapes work started like school and bridge work.

  Yesterday really very impressive things has happened in butt's kebele.As you saw animal health post place, it is not comfortable for construction and looks like hilly place .it needs much dig before start building. For that, all the kebles people including old women, men and children were participate on digging of the place and leveling.
    At the end of work there was miracle worshiping and praying.

Finally they bless living God and pray for you and you r family as well as your country.
              In other way, we are arranging the pastors and evangelists for seeds conference.

    Dear Moody, this week I started to collect a data and will proceed for a month I believe you are searching options for a laptop.

                 Be blessed. Yours Daniel


The Stiffs said...

I have tears in my eyes. I know this fills your heart. My favorite part is that these people digging and leveling their own land are praying for our country. Praise God for all that is being done, especially the relationships that are being built along side schools and bridges and wells.

Lyndsay said...

Oh Emily!
What amazing news! I love what is God is doing there. Also encouraged by the mention of SEED! I have been praying for God to use it ALL!

missy said...

i am picturing these dear people digging and praying and then worshiping. what a beautiful and powerful thing.

p.s. i love the new look of your blog

Gayla said...

Beautiful!!! Inspirational...

Made my heart feel so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

So amazing, the work that you and Moody are doing. Honored to have you as a friend.

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