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amazing photographer
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Friday, March 4, 2011


Abe has been killing it in therapy this week!  One of the many joys of parenting a special kiddo is watching them progress.....sometimes it is simply slower than others.  Sometimes it seems as if things aren't moving forward at all and then BAM!, huge strides will be made.  Just love getting to witness it all.

He is baring so much weight on his arms now and gaining better head control. All of his therapists have mentioned how great he has done this week.  Way to go buddy.  Keep it up.

To those of you praying for Abe, keep it up!  We SEE the results daily and are simply blessed to not be on this journey alone.


Candy said...

Way to go, Abey! Know your brother Eyasu is cheering you on. Love seeing your progress and your ever-present smile.

Praise the Lord for His mercies, new every day.



missy said...

way to work hard, abey! you have lots of cheerleaders(and admirers)...near and far!

Heather said...

Go Abe Go! :-)

becca said...

It's so true... and the coolest part is watching them go further than ever thought possible, which my Annie has done!!! She can't read or write due to her brain injury, but she's SO incredibly social and has an amazing memory (she learns so well by listening to books, songs, watching videos, etc...).
Anyway, just rejoicing with you! having Annie as my sister changed my life for the better, times 1000... these kids are miracles!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Definitely praying!!! Abe is just the sweetest!!! YEAH ABE!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up show off our BIG GOD!!!

Kat said...

Woo Hoo! We are continuing to pray!

Jen said...

You go Abe! We are so very proud of you. Praying for you always:)

The Stiffs said...

That smile is still melting my heart. Please know we're praying and cheering from way over here.

da momma said...

praying momma!! fun seeing you at Mary Aster's party! hugs, whit

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