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amazing photographer
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

whiz kid

Abe got to test the coolest new toy today.  It is a DynaVok speech aid. They put a small dot on his forehead that controlled the mouse on the device!  The rep said that he had NEVER had a child so young figure out the mouse so quickly!! That's my boy.  The world awaits you buddy.  :)

(His should arrive in about 6 weeks)


Jane said...

You're going to have an awesome New Year filled with Abe's "chatter"!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AWESOME!!! Go Abe!!!!

We Are Family said...


becca said...

hey em!
a bunch of my sister's friends had this at her elementary school. SO COOL! I cried every time a kid would communicate with me that way. unbelievable! miracle! love it :).
happy new year to you all!

Holli said...

God is SO GOOD!!! Love your Whiz!!!

Susan said...

So Cool!!! Go Abey Go...nothing, nothing will hold you back!!

Kim said...

Love it! Can hardly wait to see what 2011 brings for Big Boy Abe!
Happy New Year from Hong Kong,

Jen said...

be still my heart! So amazing:)

Erica said...

Oh my gosh!! That is INCREDIBLE!!! Love that Abey Baby!

Sydney said...

Hooray! This is so wonderful! I want to come play with his Dynovox with him too!

Candy said...

Well, I am not surprised. And I'm thrilled for this wonderful device! Read all about it. Amazing!

Happy New Year!


Corrin said...

I've loved following your blog the past few years.

I thought you might be interested in participating in January Reflections '11. Here is more info.

Rebecca said...

That's impressive! Abe is one amazing little boy!

Rebecca said...

Jacob has a Dynavox machine but we do not have the eyemax. He is going to be testing the eyemax next week. So far we have been disappointed in the machine. How is it working for you guys?

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