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amazing photographer
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Monday, December 6, 2010


Above is a video of Grace singing "Mighty to Save" at the fundraising event we held a few weeks ago.  It was a very powerful moment for us in the midst of an unbelievable night.  We prayed that others would hear the story and respond, well.........respond they did.

The initial project was 18 water points, 2 classroom buildings (8 total classrooms), a health clinic, and vet clinic. There are latrines at the schools and two clinics, as well as equipment and furnishing for everything.

We ended the night and had 1 well, 1 classroom, and a vet clinic left.  That's it. Hope is definitely coming.

We currently lack about $17,000 to complete Phase 1(once all the committments come in)!!!!! Can you even believe it?  God is so, so good.  My way out there, walking in faith goal was that all the funds would be raised by the end of the year.  It seemed like such a LARGE sum of money (and it is) but not to Him.  He simple funds what He favors.  His very heart is with the least of these, those living without health care and clean water.  He cares for their very needs, and He is using a LARGE community of people to meet those very needs.

My sister, my brother in law and their very dear friends, Jeff and Anne Marie are graciously hosting a similar event in San Antonio next week.  Never in our wildest dreams did we think they would have so little inventory at their event.

We knew that Phase 1 didn't meet all of their needs in Dube Bute, but it certainly was an excellent start.  We knew we would commit to a second phase, but clearly thought that would be MUCH farther down the road.  Apparently the Lord had other plans!  The people of Dube Bute will now have 9 more wells, 4 more classrooms and a library!! How amazing is that????

That is 27 TOTAL water points, both spring protection and hand dug wells.  They will have a complete Primary school.  Grades 1-8 in 12 classrooms.  A library full of books and reference materials.  A health clinic.  A vet clinic.  HOPE!

We need to quickly finish up with Phase 1 so the funds can go to Ethiopia and they can begin construction.  We will also attempt to raise the new funds needed to fully transform the lives of those living in Dube Bute!  The total for the Phase 2 will be $155,000.

I am excited to see how these funds are raised and have total faith that they will come in as the first.  I will be sharing with you some new inovative ideas of others to help raise these funds.  I have been reminded over and over again that He is raising up the group to bring Hope to Dube Bute.  We have received the most humbling donations from fellow adoptive families, some currently fundraising themselves.  From a couple with a miracle pregnancy that felt led to donate the funds set aside for fertility treatments, from a single mother that struggles to make ends meet, from some we simply don't know personally but are forever connected via Dube Bute.  We have had some that we assumed would join the cause that haven't felt led, and then been blown away by others we never considered.  Just continually reminding me that we are NOT in control, that HE is and He will provide for every need of those living in Dube Bute.

Soli Deo Gloria


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily and Moody, Davis and I were so sad we couldn't come to your fundraiser and enjoy the worship and news from Ethiopia! Chloe had her school Christmas program that night-her teacher kept sending home notes saying how hard they had been working-so we attended her little program instead. Sooo happy and blessed to hear about all God is doing! love, Davis and Christine

Porntip Israsena said...

This is so exciting, I will definitely keep praying for your fundraising.

Its amazing to read how people are serving other people, which means they're serving Our Lord.

Lyndsay said...

WOW! God is GOOD!

Holli said...


Amber said...

Beautiful voice! Happy Holidays!

Scott and Courtney Holder said...

Love it!! so inspired by what ya'll are doing!

The Stums said...

Absolutely amazing, Emily!! What a model for people who want to do something but don't know where to start. Thank you for being faithful trailblazers.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Her voice is awesome!!

So great to see God provide for this village - I know y'all feel blessed to be a part of it.

Merry Christmas Emily!

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