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amazing photographer
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Monday, August 16, 2010


I left on Tuesday and drove the kids to Nashville.......well only to Little Rock the first day where all 7 of us cozied up in one hotel room! We rolled into Nashville on Wednesday and hit the ground running. My dearest friend, Corinne is getting married on October 2nd. I have only waited 13 years for this event, and we will be in Ethiopia for the actual wedding! AN OCEAN AWAY!! I was so sad when I found out and she has been gracious as ever about my absence. We helped host a shower for her on Saturday night, and I drove the kids early so we would have plenty of time to hang out with Corinne and these two crazy ladies below.

I seriously couldn't be more proud of their incredible work they are doing with

We had such a blast getting to spend time with the Oatsvall and Mayernick crews! Corinne introduced all of us and it was just a natural connection. The Lord knit our hearts together 3 years ago as we sat on Suzanne's bed and prayed for Gwen as she was leaving the next morning to get Maggie. He knew that her circumstances would end up greatly different than she thought, that we would need much support on our adoption journey with Abe and that a precious little Josie Love would be waiting for the Mayernick family to claim as their own! We have chosen to walk the hard together with JOY! They make life fun.
Our combined 19 kiddos- such a gift to see them interact with one another!
Three Musketeers
Oh how I longed to get my hands on Josie Love
We celebrated Izzy's 9th birthday at the hotel pool :)
Not sure we thought these would be our rides years ago
Eyasu with some of his new buddies- Corinne's nephews

Swimming at Gwen's
My precious cargo
Gwen getting a little Abey lovin'

All dressed up at shower

Such a great time that went by entirely too fast! Dinner with Corinne and her soon to be hubby, the HIV World Vision experience and just watching these 3 families do a little life together made this a very special time. I hated not seeing all my Nashville friends, next trip for sure!

****really am going to start writing and unfolding the unbelievable story that I have been hinting at this week. I think it will be worth the wait!!****


Kim said...

Is it okay to feel jealous?
I still sand in awe of the connections with Corrine's family (not to mention all our TX friends). You know Mary Lauren has been a dear friend of mine since our move to Nashville in 1996.
Absolutely LOVE all the pics.
Cannot wait to hear more about your BIG news!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

missy said...

what a special wedding to celebrate!don't know any of those women personally, but I WISH I DID!!!!! what a gorgeous bunch o' kids, huh?

absolutely love the 15 passenger van pix. not sexy, but VERY beautiful!

Misty said...

ok yes please, come on with the amazing details of what God is doing! :) stop teasing! lol love the pics from the trip, esp the van lineup!

Erica said...

Seriously jealous of your road trip. I think you need to road trip HERE! I mapped it. 18 hours. That's cake. ;) Okay maybe we meet 1/2 way. ;) Uh need to hear story. stat.

Amy said...

Oh wow- 3 amazing adoption advocates all together in one place!!! Can I be jealous along with everyone else? :) And, a little sad too because you passed right by me and didn't stop! LOL You have to stop next time okay???

Jill Funkhouser said...

Looks like so much fun and seriously jealous. Wish I had more sisters in christ in my area. You guys are such an inspiration! Love it...
Love the funks at

Tracy said...

SOOO sad I missed seeing you!! Those pics are pure JOY!!! I did need to be in that van one, though!! White vans --and silver, Gwen-- bomb!!!

We Are Family said...

AWESOME! I love this! The photo of the vans cracks me up! Only because my husband and I were just talking about getting a passenger van last night, once all our kids get home!

Heather said...

Love the pics of all the kiddos together! LOVE your rides. crackin' me up! Y'all are all so cute! Looks like you need to get you some stickers for your ride like Gwen and Suzanne have!

Happy Birthday Issy!

And..... enough of this stringing us along on this story!!!!!! waiting - PATIENTLY - trying to!

Holli said...

looks like a GREAT trip and 3 GREAT families!!!
Love the van pic- nice wheels!!!

HoodMama said...

What a fun, beautiful crew! Loved the pics and so thankful you got to get up to Nashvegas for a few days.

Traci said...

I have loved Corrine since she was in 9th grade! She and my brother dated for a while. I am so happy for her- she's wanted to be married for so long. Glad y'all had fun in Nashville!

Hauswife said...


Rebecca said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the picture of all you pretty ladies standing by your big rides :) I don't necessarily dream of owning one...however, I hope the Lord blesses us with a large family and we'll NEED to have one!

Can't wait to hear all about the big announcement!

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