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amazing photographer
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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Adopting a toddler has brought much joy to our household! One of the many blessings is to witness "firsts" in his life- through his eyes. We are continually amazed at this gift we have been given. Most nights we all laugh around the dinner table and thank the Lord for the addition of Eyasu into our crazy crew! He is a crack up.

First snowman
First haircut (with us at least)
First swim
First Easter egg hunt
First ride on mower with Mr. Moyer
First amusement park ride- my neice is the best! :)
First ball cap, graciously given by the Kelley store owner
Hope you have a blessed weekend!


Jewels of My Heart said...

So precious...... Our son was 4 and a half when he came home.... oh, how I cherish each first we shared with him... His first Burrito was one of my favorites.... the concept of a Burrito just blew my little Siberian Baby's mind... hehee

Kat said...

Beautiful! Your kids are just precious! You guys are always in our prayers :)!

Mark and Heidi said...

Although I haven't experienced it first hand YET, I couldn't agree more about toddler adoption! Eyasu's huge, beautiful smile in these pictures just warms my heart :-)

Christy. said...

I loved seeing your sweet boy's firsts!! I am sure it is amazing to watch!!!

In just a few short weeks we will share firsts with our
2 1/2 year old!!! :)

Coneymama said...

He is just so darn cute I can't stand it...such a blessing! That boy just lights up a room!

coffeemom said...

Beautiful boy!!! Beautiful family!

Jen said...

Love it! Their firsts are something to treasure.

Kristi J said...

oh, he's so all those firsts, kj

Candy said...

One of my favorite "firsts" was his first sighting of his brothers and sisters as you burst through the doors from customs at DFW. Kristin captured that one!

So thankful for him.


Lori said...


Gayla said...

YES! We are thrilled to be having those "firsts" as well! When a baby has it's "firsts" like these, it doesn't remember. But toddlers WILL!!! It's so fun to see the awe and beauty threw her eyes... we are loving it!!!

Best story: while in ET another fam staying at the Bejoe had kids the same age as my boys and this fam adopted a baby. At one point my boys said they really felt sorry for these other kids. When I asked why they said, "Because their baby is so boring!!! I bet they wish they had adopted a toddler like us!!!" ;-)

Erica said...

I agree!! One of the BEST things about toddler adoption for sure!! Love it.

The Busters said...

He is such a handsome boy!!! What a joy to experience his firsts. AND Thank You so much for your encouraging comments on my blog. I am truly so appreciative!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the updates on Eyasu. We just received our referral for a 3 1/2 year old boy. I'd love to hear more about things you've learned and resources you used to help you through the transition. We are excited .. but nervous. Amy

HoodMama said...

Oh I love those pics! He is so precious!!!

Teresa said...

How fun to experience these first with Eyasu! I'm so excited to be adopting a toddler...can't wait for the firsts!

Lyndsay said...

My girlfriend just told me about your blog this morning. My husband and I are going to Ethiopia in June on a mission trip to the Gamo people. they are an unreached people with no Bible in their language. God has been stirring our hearts toward adoption for the last few months and we are now certain He has a sibling group for us to adopt somewhere in Ethiopia. Our family has been praying for them daily. The crazy part is my husband is an Orthodontist, and we have 4 biological children as well! We're excited to be following in your footsteps! :)

Heather said...

I can't wait to experience those firsts!!!! :)

Eyasu is just sooooooooo ADORABLE!

These Three Kings said...

He is just too precious!!!! So thankful for how the Lord has blessed you!

Rebecca said...

Such a sweet post! It's fun to experience life with our little ones. So much wonder in new experiences!

PS Eli pointed at Eyasu and said "I want to play with him!" Pretty cute :)

Tricia said...

Emily, I am a faithful and devoted lurker, but have commented a couple times too. :-) Jana gave me your email a couple months ago and said to write and ask you about toddlers!! So I am so glad to see your post about Eyasu! Our family has just jumped into the process with Gladney. We are at church with the Goliks and Newsomes and used to be at school with the Hills...and I hear your name everywhere. Thank you for being part of what God used to draw our hearts toward adoption!

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