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amazing photographer
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter recap

Pray each of you had a blessed Easter. We enjoyed time with family and friends, and Eyasu hunted his first eggs! Sweet thing grabbed one, it opened, his candy fell down and he spent the next few minutes putting the candy back in the egg while the other kids were running circles around him! :)

I can't post the video, reveals entirely too much of my competive nature! Seriously listening to myself trying to convince him to throw the egg in his basket to get on with the mad dash for MORE is painful........ugg, Lord please continue to prune me and refine my heart! And the boys said they would quit speaking to me because if you were over the age of 8-- you had to SKIP to get your eggs! Good times were had by all!

Annual Easter morning pic before church
Tee and Wick in mid-skip! Melissa in the back knocking kids out of the way to get more candy! :) JK, she generously provided the many eggs.
Hill in full on skip, devised a strategy that allowed him to use both hands apparently!
How precious is this one with his basket of eggs??
Abey and daddy!


Erica said...

Love this. Seriously cracked me up thinking of you shouting about eggs and the boys skipping! Must. Show.

We Are Family said...

This is so much fun! Your family is so cute!

Amy Bottomly said...

Beautiful beautiful Alexanders!!! Love the pics! E

Heather said... so funny... such an absolutely adorable family....

Seriously. Why in the world did it take us such a long time to make our decision?!? I want a precious little Ethiopian in our family picture!!!! - like NOW! ;)

Kat said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!! We have a few competitive spirits here too :)!

missy said...

looks like a BLAST. it may sound stalkerish, since we haven't met and all, but your family is really precious to me.

HoodMama said...

So much fun! Next year, though, we might be filling some of the eggs with dental floss. We're all sick as dogs over here from all the sugar. I mean, the kids. The kids have had too much...

da momma said...

ah man i wanna hear the video :) hehehe!!! Fun to hug yall Sunday! Your family is so beautiful! whit

Jen said...

Love your pics. Eyasu is looking like such a boy:). We showed up for the egg hunt a day late. Thank goodness we had one at home, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Em, everyone is so beautiful! But seriously, HIll, are you kidding me?! Stop growing. What happened to that little four year old I used to chase around playing hide and seek. Miss you all and love you!

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Such an adorable family picture! I LOVE the skipping rule! I know what you mean about competitive nature and egg hunts!

Rebecca said...

Your family is the best. Honestly - I love your pictures. Handsome boys and beautiful little girls!

Love the bit about the videos :) It's amazing how much you learn about yourself when you can hear your life played back to you :) Funny, funny!

Teresa said...

I love how you made the older ones skip...definitely going to use that one! Seth looks so adorable with his Easter basket. I love to see the experiences our sweet Ethiopians are taking part in....warms the heart!

Love the family pic as well!

Henley on the Horn said...

You have a beautiful family!

Amy said...

We solved the competitive nature of egg hunts by giving every kid their own color. Then you can hide the in appropriately difficult places for their age. One year my son needed a ladder to get one off of the roof.

Tanya said...

fun, fun! i love Eyasu's haircut! so handsome!

Misty said...

great Easter family pics! thanks for sharing the day lol i had to do a double take of the 2 big guys in the family Easter pics...Hill? Wick? lookin all grown up-ish! (sniffle!) Everyone looks wonderful, i wanna come see ya'll, Cash runs around now so that would be fun! :O)

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