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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

he is off

That is Moody on our wedding day with one of his best buddies, Brett.  Aren't they precious?  Moody isn't shooting the person next to him, he is "getting his guns up!"  It is a Texas Tech thing.

Brett and Moody were at Tech together and he is one of Moody's very favorite people in the world.  He can make Moody laugh like no one else and he has been a faithful friend through many of lifes ups and downs.  Brett and his precious family live in Hong Kong where he pastors a church there.  We only see them on their trips home and they aren't often enough.

They are passionate about adoption as their four amazing kiddos are adopted, both dometically and internationally.  I remember talking to Shannon after they brought Mary Grace home from China and she said, "you guys really need to do this!!"  I remember thinking, " way...but thank you very much!"  I guess she may have planted the very first seed. :)

Brett was asked to speak at a pastors conference in Addis, and he called to see if Moody would consider meeting him there.  Immediately the Lord began making it clear that he was suppose to go.  For starters, I thought it sounded like a great idea.  I thought being left alone for 10 days with 5 kiddos, one that doesn't sleep, sounded like a great idea!  Only the Lord could have done nagging, wife pleading for him not to go was out of the way.

He then got a call from an orthodontic supply company with a request from a group of orthodontists in Cairo, Egypt that were looking for someone to lecture for one day on June 12.  That just so happened to be one day before he was tentatively scheduled to meet Brett in Addis.  They just so happened to pay for him to fly Business Class over there!  So now we really should be saving all of our money for this adoption argument was out of the way.

He wasn't sure what he would do with his time while Brett was teaching.  He knew he couldn't wait to go back to KVI and spend time there, but figured he should try to utilize some of his skills and talents.  He met the head of the dental school while we were in country picking up Abe.  He called him to see if he might need anything, and the ball got rolling.  

Moody will lecture to the dental students and then do dental work on kids at KVI and Gladney. He is so excited to see how the Lord is allowing this opportunity.  So many people came on board and donated dental supplies, etc.  He is praying that this is the first of many of these trips.  So what to do with my free time was now out of the way!

I have such an incredible peace about him going.  We are all so jealous as our hearts simply ache to return, but I know that we will soon enough in His perfect timing.  

We are planning many activities while he is away and trust that the Lord will indeed continue to supply for our every need here.  We will miss him like crazy-- I have never been away from him for this long, but will love praying for him and seeing how the Lord honors this time.

He is looking forward to meeting several of your kiddos, taking pics and video.  He considers it a gift to be able to that as he remembers well the emotional boost these brought us during the wait to travel. 

We would all appreciate your prayers for this trip.

Some of the faces that he will get to see......wish I could show you all of them. :)


Tymm said...

You know we will be praying like crazy - for Moody's incredibly God-orchestrated trip... for you and the rest of the family at home... for God to really shine through you guys (He already does!).

I bet your ears were ringing last night - we were telling some good friends about your incredibly awesome family! We absolutely can not wait to meet you - to see the first Meron-Abe hug and to get to know you guys better...

Godspeed Moody - our hearts ache too to go back - and we will live through your trip for now...

God - please continue to bless this family and thank you for the blessing they have become in our lives!

Jen said...

I love seeing God's hand in people's lives. It is so clear in yours. I wish we lived I could bring you a dinner, a coffee, or just hold the fort down so you could get a nap. Knowing Moody will get to see B...means so much to me. Wish we were there this week so Jason could meet and amazing man. Thinking and praying for him (and you) this week.

Holli said...

Praying for Moody!! also praying for you! may Abe sleep well and LONG!

Diane Larson said...

How exciting! I am so excited for your next adoption as well. Maybe Moody will meet your next child. The Lord is so good!

Erica said...

Isn't our God AMAZING? WOW. Praying for safety and peace for Moody and the whole little FAM! I can't wait to hear what God has planned! We too ache to back. Soon friend. Soon.

What an amazing opportunity.

Lori said...

AWESOME! This is just awesome. I'm so jealous! Our prayers are surely with Moody and his trip, and of course with you and the kids.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear all the news and pictures Moody brings back! Feels like just yesterday that we all were there...makes my heart ache too to see those familiar faces again - Eyob, Dereje! Love you friend and am praying for you all continually here as moody is there! -k.

Moody said...

Waiting in plane to take off to Cairo!! Love you guys so much and already miss you! Doesn't seem right to be in ET without you. Girls help mom. Boys be the man of the house and do the right thing. Abe sleep!!! Will let you know when I get there!

Julie said...

How amazing. Truly amazing and inspiring.

Christy. said...

How beautifully God orchestrates His plans!!

Candy said...

Praying now for his travel and will pray for his teaching and his working on the kids, as well as seeing the kids! He'll be such a gift to the kids at KVI!
We're "on" for kid duty. Let us know when.

Love you, Em!

Anonymous said...

Wow- I have a big part of me that's so jealous! How cool God put this all together- so ecited to see all God does through Moody. Praying!

Kari said...

This news is so wonderful to read!!! We will be praying for Moody & Brett & their amazing journey. This was God-ordained big time!! WOW!! Keep us updated when you can:) I can't wait to meet the COOLEST family soon!

Kim said...

Sweet Emily,
I love knowing the background of how God orchestrated this trip for Moody & Brett. Just incredible! I still cannot believe that I am in Hong Kong and we will have the blessing of getting to know your precious friends Brett & Shannon. We will see Shannon and the kids at church on Sunday. And of course Moody & Brett will be in our prayers during their trip to ET. We will also pray for everyone at home. I know first hand from all of Tyler's international business trips how tough the separation can be. But I also know you will be blessed to see how everyone steps up and helps out in Daddy's absence. And trust me that God will provide during this time apart and ensure that your reunion will be extra sweet.
Keep us posted on the trip, things at home and any specific prayer requests!

Amy Bottomly said...

Really really neat.... I will be thinking of you while he is away!!! You have some great kids though, so I am pretty sure you will be golden. :)

Oatsvall Team said...

can i go in his suitcase .... i long to be in Africa so badly ... I pray the Lord shows him so much and he comes home w/ a heart full to share w/ others ..

love ya sister ... may call you in a couple of days to just hear your voice ...

Shannon and Brett Hilliard said...

How humbled am I that I get to hang with Moody for a week in Addis?! You can bet I'll be praying for you all, in addition to my crew who are all left "fatherless" for a week. Thanks, Em, for being so supportive. Moody and I both married sooooo well. I'll take good care of him and provide some extra hugs to all the kids.

coffeemom said...

Emily, I just found out about this trip...I"m behind the curve, it's been a crazy week. But, I have a big favor...if Moody gets to the Gladney big kid home (and it seems like he might) can he check Marta out for us?? a pic or even just a look and try to remember anything about her?? (SHe has a huge smile, surely her teeth might be worth a look, eh??). It would mean the world to us. I know, you know.

Otherwise, know that his trip is in our prayers and you and your family and Abe and this new adoption, as ever, will continue to be, plus you on your own for a few days: energy, cheery peace!
Thanks so much!!! M

Zoe said...

Prayers for a safe and grace-filled trip! It's always so cool to see how God arranges things...

Cheryl said...

I love how the Lord directs the steps of those who love Him :)

He will have an amazing trip! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Bless you sweet friend as you hold down the fort... Praying all goes well!

Melissa said...

Praying for Moody's trip and ya'll while he's away. Love you.

Keisha Suzanne said...

May God go before and behind Moody as He takes the love of Jesus to so many along the way.
I read this blog 2 days ago and I've been Praying for you and your family as you are with out your hero. God has brought you to mind several times since and I wanted you to know that a complete stranger is lifting you all up to the throne

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