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amazing photographer
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Monday, February 16, 2009

parting the waters

I read this book on the plane and it ministered to me in so many ways. There were so many times that I read my exact thoughts, fears and feelings as Jeanne retold their personal story. Our stories differ in many ways, but one common thread is that modern medicine isn't on our sons side but the God of the impossible is!! It spoke to me on an obvious level as a mother with a brain injured child, but it will certainly bless anyone that reads it. Her faith is inspiring and ability to see that God works ALL things for our good and His glory brought me to tears on many occasions. (always fun on an airplane)

I encourage you to view the short trailer for the book and then plan to read of the Damoff's incredible journey of faith through the life of Jacob.

We had a wonderful weekend and it was exactly what we needed. The Lord graciously provided for all of our needs and Abe slept much better for my parents! Thank you for your prayers. :) I will share pics when I get them....hint, hint!


Holli said...

wow! thanks ordering it RIGHT NOW! can't wait to see pictures!
hint hint! (just thought I would help you out!:))

Melissa said...

So glad ya'll had a great and restful time. Your mom said the kids were great!

Kristi J said...

So glad you guys had fun!! And it sounds like a great book...I hope to read again some day..Maybe our plane ride to AFrica?? Our paper work is all in and we're waiting on our court date now, yeah!! kj

Kim said...

Well ... I am crying thru the trailer. Looks like a must read for our family who has seen God work miracles when the doctors offered no hope and made no promises from Sam's brain injuries.

Hauswife said...

Awesome, I'll have to read it! Miss you guys already... Do you want me to email photos to you (tons) or mail a disc??? xxoo

Oatsvall Team said...

ok, it is 7:50 am and I am already crying ... not sleeping here thinking of CL ... What an amazing book you just mentioned .. Oh how God can speak truth to us through the lives of others ... My boys both prayed a MIRACLE over Abe last night ..They use the word MIRACLE as if it is something that God does every second of the day and you know I think they are right ...

I love ya sister more than I can say ... You whisper amazing encouragement to my spirit ...

Jen said...

I will pick it up. I can't wait to read it. i hope you h a wonderful weekend.

dana gamblin said...

Emily--so glad that Abe slept and that you got some time away. I have ordered the "oatsvall sunflower orphans" shirt and " Parting the Waters" is on the way. Thanks for being an inspiration, we pray for you often. Dana

Heidi K. said...

wow! I am not sure I'd be able to see the words on the pages- my eyes were full of tears and a huge knot formed in my throat just watching the trailer!!

You and your family continue to be in my prayers!

Rebecca said...

So, I've added the book to my amazon wish list. I can't wait to read it!

I'm so glad Abe slept well while you guys were gone. Hoping he continues to sleep well now that you guys are home.

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