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amazing photographer
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just what we needed

The weekend away was just what we needed! It was full of fellowship, great food, beautiful scenery and 2 full nights of sleep. We feel so blessed to have been able to spend time with our friends from Southern Cal. What an amazing group of people. :)

Thank you Pam and Steve for letting us crash in the swankiest pad around for a second time. Your hospitality and generosity were greatly appreciated. The kids insist that they get to return the next time.

Check out these two Ethiopian beauties-- I think that several marriages were being brokered over the course of the weekend.  Pray for little Miss Zoe and her parents as they leave for Ethiopia to bring home her big sister this week.


Amy said...

Looks like a ton of fun was had...

and as I said on Laurie's post... What a freaking gorgeous group of people!!!! :)

Candy said...

And it was our joy to stay with the five Alexanders left behind. Your blog readers need to know the amazing sibling support that little Abe receives on a daily basis. God has lavishly equipped Avery, in particular, to love and nurture her little brother. Nanny could not have done it without her. And let's not forget Gloria. So, maybe Hillary was right and it does "take a village!"
Three adults, one child who acts like an adult (and cooks like one too!!!) and 5 kids! Great odds.
What a blessing for Nanny & Bunty.
P.S. Nanny & Bunt will go with the kids to the Thornes when they go. Deal???

Jana said...

I'm so glad you got to do this, emily!!

Lori said...

Perfect! I'm so glad you had this time away with friends to talk with and laugh with! It's so important... You all look amazing!

xoxoxo Lor

Hauswife said...

Just exactly what we needed, too, my sweet friend! LOVED it! I'm soooo glad you got rest, and fellowship, and the really spectacular view, too. AND, that we got to enjoy it with you. You are precious to me!

Henley on the Horn said...

What a wonderful Valentine's Day treat!! How thankful we all are that you are home refreshed and ready to take care of your little ones and all of their needs!! It sounds like it was a weekend of blessing for everyone!! You must love having such wonderfully giving parents!!

Melissa said...

Looks and sounds amazing! So glad you got to rest and be refreshed!

Rebecca said...

I think you guys had the best Valentines Day weekend in blog land :)

Jen said...

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! All of you are such beautiful (inside and out) and faith-filled people- a great way to "refuel!"

Wolfemom said...

So cool when blog friends unite!! Looks like a good time. We met our first blog friend this week and it's like you already knew each other :)

Kristi J said...

great pics...but I LOVE The pics of the cutie kids...they are precious :) kj

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