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Monday, January 5, 2009

more on strength

Have you ever sat in a church service and felt like the sermon was directed right at you? This has happened to me several times and yesterday was one of those times. ( I think this is better than the times of self-righteousness when I sit there thinking "oh, if only so and so were here to hear this!" ) Just keeping it real! :)

Pastor Fair was talking about giving of yourself- your time, talents, resources, etc. He was saying that we must be content in our circumstances to really give sacrificially of all these things and he used Paul as an example from Philippians 4:10-13.

Have you ever heard Phil 4:13 used by a great athlete to explain a new feat? He said that the verse in context is actually the apostle Paul saying that he can endure prison and all the other hardships that have come into his life because of Christ- that it is Christ indwelling in Him, Christ ordaining his circumstances, the knowledge that Christ works all things for our good and His glory- that he can say "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

This so resonated with me. In my moments of looking to the world and feeling sorry for myself that my life is now a "new normal"- I am not content, operating out of my flesh, and thereby incapable of giving anything.

I know that He has called our family to this new normal, not to punish us, not to stretch us too thin, and not to break us. He has called us to this glorious new journey because He loves us, because He is strengthening us and because He does indeed works all things for good to those who love Him. He sees the big picture and all I see is this very moment!

Prayerfully we will be more like Paul, and offer our bodies as living sacrifices to the One that knew I was to be Abey's mom before the foundation of the world. He loves me that much! He set me apart, my family apart, my friends apart and is graciously allowing us to witness the miracle in Abe.

May you experience the gift of knowing that you can do ALL things through Christ.


Jen said...

What a beautiful post! I just commented on the last one. Yes, unfortunately/or fortunately I do feel like the sermons are directed right at me.... lots of growth potential. One of my resolutions is to read the bible from cover to cover this year. I will think of you especially when I get to this scripture :)

The Albertsons said...

weird... because I was thinking of that exact verse today, and also ephesians when paul is saying "don't have pity on me... i'm grateful to be in this place, for YOUR sake..." hmmm... that hit me like a ton of bricks! (in a good way :).
I can't wait to meet you in person, and I really believe i will someday. I pray for you all the time, esp. when i see TT on tv for a football game :). special needs in children are such a crazy challenge... but just so cool to watch the miracles too.
And, Sam is wearing those exact same pj's, at this exact moment, all snuggled in his bed :).

Melissa said...

Oh, Em. So beautiful and so true. I was just thinking today of sermons that have touched me this way. This one sounds like a gift for you from the throne room of the Lord. Praise Him for his faithfulness, His strength, His plan, and your humility is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Love you.

Kim said...

Sweet friend. I have walked in your shoes and so wish I was next door to offer a hug, lend a hand, and share an encouraging word. Through our similar journey with our miracle Sam, we have experienced God's faithfulness, learned of His purpose in the wait, and been rescued by the One who is mighty to save! I cannot wait to see all God has in store for you, your family, and those of us privileged to witness His work in and through baby Abe. You are an inspiration to us all. Lean on His strength! Rest in the knowledge that you are covered in prayer! Love, Kim

Donna said...

I have come to your blog from Whittaker Woman's blog and have prayed for you and Abe, your family.
I have travel a road with our son through his medical trials.
I know that You and each one of your family have been specifically chosen to be Abe's family! HE has chosen you because he will give you the strength and comfort that you need in all circumstances not matter how hard it is in the moment HE will provide!
I used to hear from our Pastor's wife when our son was in hard places that I was so blessed - I did not feel blessed in those endless sleepless nights or those nights in the hospital...but she was right. HE has taught me much through our son!!
JER 29:11 is m life verse for him - he is 15.5 years old now and is SO blessed - God is SO faithful. I pray this for Abe!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing...I love it.

Amber said...

Great post! I also feel like my pastor is talking right to me, which usually means I feel convicted so yes, he is talking to me. Dang it, I hate when that happens.:)

JourneytoFamily said...

Oh man can I relate to thinking certain sermons were directed at me. (as well as wishing certain people were there to hear other sermons in my self-righteous way)

Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us of His strength. Praying for you and all the Alexanders.

Oatsvall Team said...

sister you strengthen me beyond what i can say in mere words... Mags has had some relapses lately and as I sat on her bed the other night @ 3:30 am as she tantrum in her sleep and i just felt like a failure as her mother .. I could hear those verses you mentioned in my head ... I remembered back to last year when I was so overwhelmed and God met me right there and gave me the strength for the moment ... I can't imagine what your days are like or how your mind wonders to tomorrow, next month, next year ... just know for such a time as this we have been brought together to stand for our children who had no voice ... we are praying for sweet Abe here daily and i always lift up your sweet heart ... you are an amazing woman, mother, and friend ya bunches ...

whittakerwoman said...

I know you know this... But I want to remind you that God KNEW what he was doing when he placed Abe in your life! H

Michael and Michelle said...

I am so excited to see what God is going to do with Abe and the rest of your family!!! I love your post!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

So well said!

I've been thinking it's kind of like being out on a limb. It is scary there, and probably not where we would go on our own. But then we find that the more we go out on the limb, the more God shows himself to us. He IS out on the limb, and will be all our strength if we choose to join him.

Erica said...

What an absolutely beautiful post. Friend I'm praying for you, praying for strength. You are THE mom God hand picked for sweet Abe. He picked YOU my friend! Amazing. Excited to watch the miracles God does in Abes life. Love you friend. Love your heart. Love your transparency.

Lori said...

I love your honesty -

You do speak the truth, it is because YOU are special and more qualified than most of us that you were chosen. Because He loves you so very much.

And I'm begining to bring tissues with me to mass because I almost always end up in tears for one reason or another!

xoxo Lor

Anonymous said...

I so wish I were there to help you with whatever you needed. It's hard reading from Houston and feeling like there's so much I used to be able to do when my drive was so much shorter! I know you have people that are willing to help, the Lord has placed them in your life for this time. He will guide you through this and I pray refresh your spirit every new morning. (even if there was very little sleep) Just remember I have 3 spare rooms and extra beds if you need to put the other four on a very short plane ride down here. :0) That offer is good for any time you need it!

Tracy Howard said...

Emily, I so admire your strength and you are all in my prayers. You have so many people, in the background, cheering for ya'll - giving support and love. If you need anything - we are a phone call(and a few streets) away. Tracy and kids.

Kelly in Big D said...

Praying for you guys - "special needs" is hard, but so rewarding too. Celebrating the small victories and God's miraculous healing power. Hugs hugs to you all - and praying for a new year of miracles!

Kelly (Barton) Valenta

Shanna said...

Amen Sista! Thank you for sharing your heart. We can't wait to see you Thursday. Love, Mateo, Marco and Shanna

Kate said...

This post spoke volumes to me. Thanks so much, Emily. I pray you continue to bask in His glory and enjoy all He has to offer. Much Love.

Susanna... said...

thanks for your encouraging post! it resonated with me...i am having those samethoughts! so thanks so much for sharing!

Sarah said...

Wow, thank you for that post. What a great reminder for me as I go through trials and tribulations in my life and look back on past ones. You are such an inspiration! Love Abes PJ's by the way, I bought the same ones for my Jordan a few months back. :) So cute.

Steve & Danae said...

Emily, I love your heart and your willingness to share. You have an AWESOME family


Tracy said...

What a beautiful lesson! You are the picture of strength in your circumstances. Levi was up sick all night and Abe was so on my heart this morning in prayer. So exciting to see what God is doing!

Diane, Mike and Tribe said...

It sometimes takes all the strength you have to get up and get out of bed and face the is not easy to raise a child with a severe disability- I KNOW!
There is a reason that you were chosen for this child, for this path, for this "new normal" that you now have to adjust to. Our pastor told us that his prayer was that many people would come to know Christ through our son Jackson (who is cognitively disabled) and we feel that God has a plan and purpose for him and for us though raising him.
Hang in there, and when it seems like you are at the end of your rope, the Lord will be there to lift you up and place you safely down on solid ground.

Kristi J said...

wow....way to go girl!!! You've made it to the "other side". You are going to change lives now!! People will see and hear you say things like this and forever be changed and embrace their own lives they've been given!! You sound soooo good!! And you and ABe couldn't look cuter hanging in the kitchen making pancakes :) So happy you are finding peace with this, kristi

Coneymama said...

God loves you and your family so much! He knew that Abe would need You to carry out HIS plan. What an honor. Jsut think, your whole life has lead to this moment. God has SO much faith in you...HE knows that you will carry out this task with beauty and grace. When you are feeling doubtful and weak,a just remember, that GOD has know doubts and it is exactly why he blessed you with Abe. I continually pray for you and all of Team Alexander. Blessings!

corinne barfield said...

Sweet Em! Catching up on the blog from a couple of weeks of being gone. I loved reading about the sermon. I am sending you a book, Crazy Love, by Francis Chan... it will rock your world! Make sure to watch the videos. It is just what you are talking about! Love you more than you know. Honored God is allowing me to walk with you! Rinne

Amber said...

We join you...on this journey.

Shelby said...

What a beautiful post. I have been reading your site for a while and praying for your family as you travel on this journey. We all struggle from time to time, but how awesome it is to see you continually looking to Christ for your strength and comfort. He will not disappoint!!
Blessings, Shelby

coffeemom said...

Exactly. Perfect.

Every time I think I've got it figured out and I've got the knack etc...all me...I fall smack on my face. Especially w/ special needs. HOwever, then I find myself back into crying out in prayer and somehow, get up, brush off and keep going, but not on my own steam anymore. Being able to be pulled back again and again to that source of grace is a huge blessing and gift, even as it can be so knock down hard.

see, you've already got that part figured out! You're the perfect mom for sweet Abe!

Roxanne Kristina said...

I identify! Thanks for your inspirations.


Single PAP said...

your strength is inspirational. God bless..

Shawnstribe said...

thank you
i needed that too : )
life can be so overwhelming sometimes

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