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amazing photographer
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Friday, September 5, 2008


I finally feel like I am coming out of the fog.......I am still tired and it doesn't help that little man still has his days and nights a little confused!  We are working on it and enjoying him so much.  The kids are such great helpers, often competing for his attention.

We are blessed beyond measure!  I'm still processing the trip and hope to start writing about it soon.  My heart remains with the precious children that captured it at KVI.  I long to return there.  What a gift to spend so much time with the staff and children there.

Many thanks again for following along.  We prayed that the perfect images would be photographed, that others would feel they were there, and that He would draw people to Himself and therefore take seriously the command to care for the orphans of the world.  We are completely in awe of Him and how He used the gifts He gave Kristin to capture this trip.  We happen to be in the frames, but it really is just a beautiful picture of adoption-- His story!


Christy said...

He is just a sweetheart. Thank you for sharing your story through your pictures and words - it was so wonderful to see those familiar faces of the children there - I feel the same as you and can not wait to see them again. :)
God bless!

Hauswife said...

What a precious little bundle of boy you have there! I'm sure you are 100% wiped out and also still mulling over all your thoughts from the trip. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it, though. I'll be praying that Abe starts learning the difference between night and day SOON!

These Three Kings said...

OM MY GOODNESS , I cant freak'n take it!!! can you believe the LORD has done this!!!???? I can!!! ha!!

so precious!! enjoy every minute of it.. I think I will go back to the beginning of your blog and REMIND MYSELF OF the LORD's FAITHFUL HAND through it all!!!!
love you girly!!

Jennifer Morgan said...

Oh Emily, he (and He) is soooo perfect.

Hollie said...

I've LOVED reading about your journey! Abe is absolutely precious!

Wolfemom said...

What a whirlwind! What an amazing testimony to God's faithfulness. What a gift from God. He's beautiful!!

jen said...

I really think you are a cool family. I think your prayers were answered, and what great prayers. I prayed for things like good flights and health and other smaller prayers. This blog is inspirational.

Jess said...

Welcome Home!!!!

Following your trip was amazing! Thank you for sharing it the way you did!

Keep enjoying your little man!

Jocelyn said...

I just love that picture of Abe..he is so sweet! I hope he gets his sleep turned around soon!!

Oatsvall Team said...

I know i felt like I was there ... praying so long for your family to experience this moment has had God working on my heart ... I long to go and bring my children home ... I have been praying daily for God to make His plan clear and prepare us ...I long to be an instrument of the Lord to minister and love the orphans of this world ...

Can't wait to talk .. Take your time getting settled ... I love Ya!

Oatsvall Team said...

Did I mention he is absolutely adorable and just a dream to stare at?

I can't wait to hold him ... I think a trip to TN is in his future !!!

Erica said...

He is AMAZING. Our God is AMAZING. Someday I hope to meet you, your little man, and talk over wine and chocolate. MMM.

Praying for you and your fam as you adjust. Can't wait to hear more. It took me a long time to process our trip, and 7 months later I still have a part of my heart there and want to return.

Kim said...

Your family is beautiful! Your posts have blessed me and as a Mom to five (2 through adoption) I have cried tears of joy with each update. I can hardly wait to follow along and to rejoice with you knowing the continued blessings God has in store for your family. You are a beautiful testimony of His great love for us. I share your passon for obeying God's command to care for the orphans of the world and pray our paths will cross someday whether in TX, TN or Ethiopia!
Love & Blessings!

lisa k. said...

We rejoice with you on the arrival home of your precious little Abe. He is so adorable and you have a beautiful family. We have just recently brought home our little girl from guatemala so it made it extra special to re-live the adoption journey. God is going to continue to use your incredible family in ways you don't even know.
Thanks for letting us follow. We are thrilled to get to experience just a glimpse of life in Ethiopia. It was heart-warming and I love how it spurs so many to take a deep look at the need for adoption.

Will be praying for your transition as you get back to normal life. Bless you all! LIsa andfamily

Kristi J said...

And now the journey really begins...remember, I'd never even heard of Ethiopian adoptions and had never even considered adoption until Tracy and Levi came home and posted their Utube Video on line...then the rest is history. So many other children will be adotped because you all answered the call. I so enjoyed all the videos and pics...thanks so much for sharing every moment...I did feel like I was there and can't wait to go myself...Kelly flies back in tomorrow...yeah...kristi

Daniel's Mom said...

Hi there! Abe is adorable! Ok, As I was following your blog my son began Mothers Day Out last week & one of his teachers turns out to be friends with you :) Obviously she could tell our son was adopted, and she asked where he was from, I told her Houston, Tx. She said she had a friend in Ethiopia bringing home their baby boy! My wheels where turning. I also told her we were in the beginning stages with Gladney for the Ethiopia progam. What a small world & I found out we only probably live 20 min apart from you guys. I would love to meet another adoptive family close to me & also adopted from Ethiopia. Thank you for sharing your journey with us in Blog land! Take Care


Heidi said...

Your prayers were answered :).

Abe is darling.

suzanne mayernick said...

you did a fabulous job of taking me with you! what a blessing your trip was to my whole family. he is an absolute angel. i cant wait to run my fingers through his beautiful hair! take a deep breath, heed the moment. i love you sweet sister. can't wait to go there and see it all for myself! (and bring a few home!)

Rebecca said...

Emily - He is absolutely adorable! I am amazed at how God has weaved your family together. I can't wait to hear every detail about Ethiopia. I'm sure you have time to write it all down with 5 kids :)

Holli said...

It is such a testimony to God!
it is also good to see when you are in the adoption process with the ups, downs and ALL arounds that children then do come home!:)
Much love to the WHOLE A Team!!!

Coneymama said...

Welcome home Team Alexander. Abe you are a wonderful addtion to an amazing family.i cannot wait to meet you in person. You have some pretty awesome parents and siblings. It is so evident to see God's hand in all this. He is surely smiling.

Jeremiah 29:11

Robin said...

Emily, someone who adopted with our agency sent me to your blog last weekend. Our son and daughter-to-be are living at KVI. I would love to see the video you took and, when you have a moment to breathe, ask you if you might have met our kiddos. You can reach me at Your famly and your blog are beautiful and inspiring! Blessings as you re-orient here at home.

Natalie Fournet said...

He is so cute. I can't wait to meet him in person!

Lori said...

Is his hair more glorious in person??? Oh my gosh!

Rest up Momma, there's plenty of time to catch us up... look how slow I've been. Nesting is too important for anything else now! Enjoy these days!

xoxo Lori

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