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amazing photographer
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

waiting in Ethiopia

This picture puts my waiting in perspective.  These people are waiting for food. 

Please click here to watch this video.  It is so heartbreaking.  


The Roberts Family said...

I don't know what to say .... except yes, dear sister, it does put it in perspective. And it is what will help keep you going as you wait ..... We MUST wake up and CARE. As you go and travel to your child's homeland, you will hear their voices and come home and tell their story. You will help make a difference. As we all be faithful to the part God has given each of us ... Lord help us, we will all make a difference. And as we raise up a generation that have hearts to feel and ears to hear ... they too will make a difference.

Someday heaven .... no more hunger, no more tears. New bodies. Praise God we have a Savior who hears the cries of His children.

Praying for you in your time of waiting. Much love~ Shelly

Lori said...

Ya know Em'.... I saw this before and it doesn't get one single tad easier to see it. Heartbreaking indeed.

It makes my throat close up and my body tense, my jaw tightens and my eyes squint. This is the motherland of our children. It is so, so, so, difficult to watch. This land is suffering beyond comprehension...

We can't imagine the difficulty in "living it"... we never will.

We (you and I) pray together, we walk this together, and we will hopefully see this dire situation end in some small way in our lifetime. May God Bless Africa, and her people...

Love and prayers to Her, Africa.


i can hardly look at their precious faces ... i am speechless, my heart breaks for their hurting bellies, their hurting hearts and so much more ... i pray they feel the Holy Spirit w/them as they suffer ...


Lisa & David said...

Heartbreaking ... just heartbreaking. As I adopt one child from ET, I feel helpless as if no "dent" is being made. But I know a huuuuUUUge dent is being made in ONE little girl's life ... and that is my new precious little 2 year old who we will pick up in 5 weeks. We made a difference in HER life ... and that takes some kind of pain away. I feel the richness of her in our life will help ease the helplessness I feel when I'm faced with the knowledge of these 3rd world countries. As we write in our blogs, we hope people will read and do something. Something small or big, whatever, but something.

God help these people and children.


whittakerwoman said...


kenzsethia said...

Emily -

Ugh! It is so hard to watch that stuff. Our babies are over there!! It makes my heart hurt and my mind wonder. What can we do??

Side note: you should totally be blogging for red letters campaign. Check it out


Anonymous said...

I'm scared to watch this right now...knowing I will probably ball my eyes out. :( Perspective. We all need it sometimes. I pray our sweet Abe home soon. Like Issy said..."he can be your wingbeaweawer" :) We may have to pull him via wagon, due to the 4 months old and all, but whatever. Just want him here...

Melissa said...

Oh, Em. Watching those babies and their families. I cannot imagine the heartbreak.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing this video. It truly does put things into perspective.
But, bless your heart- you have been waiting, too! May the court dates and travel dates come soon.

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